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A razor-sculpted abdominal region is not just for men; women do deserve them, too. In fact, women should be able to sport their finely toned abdomen if that’s what they want.

Fortunately, there is a myriad of abdominal exercises for women at the gym. These routines and exercises will sculpt the core, but they also target other muscle groups.

The  following workout regimen works on only the rectus abdominus – or the 6-pack region.  While the 6-pack region doesn’t work to support the lower back, it can give you an excellent view on the beach in a bikini!

When ever you build a body part, patience and consistency is key.  If I want to build a body part, I exercise with intensity 3 days a week.  My recommendation would be to make these three exercises as part of your routine 3 days a week.  But it’s also important to strengthen other parts of you body.  If you need help putting together a routine that works, CONTACT ME.

First Exercise: Ball Pelvic Tilt Crunch


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  1. You need a 10-14-pound medicine ball and a Swiss Ball/birth ball.  Lie on your back with the head against the Swiss Ball. Press against the ball firmly. Your feet, should be flat on the floor.


  1. Hold the medicine ball against your chest. Make sure that you have a firm hold on the ball.


  1. Next, make your abs firm and gradually crunch so that your shoulders will be away from the ball. Once done, you can push the ball upward. This would be the completion of the first rep. Repeat the process for 15 to 30 reps.


This exercise effectively works the glutes, hips, chest, and abs.


Second Exercise: Cable Crunch

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When I started this exercise, I hated it, with a passion.  Now I love it and it’s results!


  1. Connect a rope to a pulley cable. Next, set a challenging  weight.  Set a weight and try it.  If it’s too light, go up.


  1. Stand to the cable machine but you should face away from it.


  1. Drop to your knees and clutch the rope behind you using your palms. Take note that your palms should face inward. Meanwhile, your buttocks must be placed in a resting position on the top of your feet.


  1. Keep the elbows bent. Your hands should be placed at a shoulder height. Once you got this posture, crunch as far and as low as possible.


  1. Take a brief pause then you can revert back to the original position.


The cable crunch can give you the best results if you do it slowly. Also, make sure that your focus on crunching your abs, not pivoting your hips. As you get stronger, make sure to increase weight.


This routine should be done with two to three sets, with fifteen to twenty-five repetitions.


Third Exercise: Plank

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  1. Planking is a stationary exercise that can establish the overall strength and form of your core. You can do this by a placing a mat on a smooth floor and lie down to it. Your stomach should be lying right on the mat.


  1. Start the routine by propping the torso on the elbows and the feet on the toes. Make your body as straight as possible. As a start, hold the plank for 30 seconds.  As you get stronger, gradually increase your time to at most 1-1.5 minutes.


  1. When planking, it is important that you prevent the midsection of your body to sag. Your body should always be straight while you are doing this exercise. To keep you straight, make sure you tighten all of your muscles, your quads, calves, ankles, core, arms.  Just tighten everything.  Your fingers should turn white as your grip the floor.  In this position, your body should start shaking 10-15 seconds into the exercise.  If you aren’t shaking like a leaf, tighten more.


  1. If you want to increase the intensity of the exercise, raise one leg or arm at a time, contralaterally.


Usually, planking is done with three repetitions for every minute set. But once your body gets the hang of it, you can already be capable of doing one repetition for every three-minute set. Continuously doing this routine can really rip the core. This is a rigorous, full body exercise.


These are some of the exercises that women can do while they are the gym. Performing them can develop the form and health of your core. They do not only shape the abs, but they also improve your balance, strength, and stability.


It is highly recommended that women should practice any of these routines regularly. Aside from taking natural pre workout supplements habit is essential. It would ensure you that the blood and sweat you draped are earned and will pay off.


What abdominal exercises do you like? I would love to hear!

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  1. These are some great exercise tips, I really do need to work more on my core and invest in a gym ball! I have been solely relying on Keto to lose the pounds but need to start toning up! Sim x #MMBH

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