3 Great Features of the TRX Suspension System and How it can be used to Lose Weight

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TRX or total body resistance exercise is a type of suspension training mainly used to improve the core muscles. A basic TRX training kit includes a durable extension strap equipped with handles and a set of anchors to attach the straps onto. TRX suspension system, originally developed for the Navy SEALs, is designed to improve not only body strength but also the stability of your core muscles as well as your balance, mobility, and flexibility. With a single TRX suspension training equipment, you can practically perform hundreds of different workouts. It combines different workout machines into one, saving space inside your home.


TRX suspension system is recommended not only to people who want to achieve a solid core but also to those who want to incorporate something new into their weight loss plan. Instead of relying on machines and dumbbells, TRX suspension training takes advantage of gravity and your own weight to provide a total-body workout.


Listed below are the 3 great features of the TRX suspension system. Learn more about this system and discover how it can be used to lose weight.


  1. Low Impact Training


TRX training focuses on body weight suspension. Because your muscles do not need to counter the weights, stress may be diverted away from your joints. Compared to using barbells, dumbbell sets, and other equipment, TRX suspension training system minimizes the risk of incurring an injury. In fact, light TRX suspension training is used in physical therapies. It allows a flexible range of motion that aids in the muscle conditioning which results in a complete and quick recovery of an injured area.


  1. Great for All Fitness Levels


TRX suspension training equipment is widely used in a number of sports and training facilities such as in baseball, swimming, triathlon, martial arts, and much more. However, it is not only restricted to advanced trainers as beginners often find this activity an easy yet an effective one. Those who are new to TRX training may start with workouts in upright body position while advanced trainers may try inclined body positions and more complicated routines. With TRX training you can increase your body resistance using the same equipment, unlike in weight training wherein you still need to attach additional loads in order to increase difficulty.


  1. Develops Balance and Coordination


In conventional weight training, you are working on a predefined set of movements.  Combined with the use of supports such as a machine, a bench or a training mat, this structured routine trains only the major muscles; leaving out smaller balancing muscles. With suspension training, there is no pre-set structure. All muscles from the largest to the smallest ones involved in coordination and balance are completely worked out.


Weight Loss
TRX suspension training has been acclaimed as an effective alternative to conventional weight loss and metabolic conditioning programs. Because TRX works out your whole body in all three planes of motion, you can get back into fitness fast with a complete and balanced body shape. TRX suspension training equipment is also easy to set up and does not require the use of large spaces. It allows you to build muscles, accelerate your metabolic rate and intensify body fat burning like no other training system does.



Do you have a TRX suspension system at your home?

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