3-Reasons Why Early Education is Beneficial

3-reasons why early education is beneficial



Learning is important to a lot of parents. That’s why many are considering putting their children in early education. Experts agree that high-quality programs are effective in preparing kids for later years. Preschool facilities are abound all around especially in residential areas. For example, a quick search for nursery school Wandsworth reveals several academies you can consider if you’re within the area.


Here are 3 reasons why sending your child to nursery school is beneficial:



  • It promotes social and emotional development


Being away from their parents enables them to adapt to environments where they have to learn to trust people outside their family. Preschool is where they meet new people and learn to build warm relationships with them. It’s important for children to interact with fellow kids in a safe environment. It nurtures friendship, socialization, and a trusting relationship between peers.


In addition, they develop the following values too:


  • Cooperation. Children learn cooperation by being exposed to activities where they have to take turns and share with other kids. Guided by a professional in a safe environment, this can be quite a difficult lesson to learn especially with the first born, who may not be used to sharing his toys with his siblings.
  • Respect. Respect is instilled in their minds as they are exposed in an environment with an authority (the teacher), and all things are shared with each other.
  • Teamwork. Most preschool activities are centered in promoting teamwork among children. People who are team players are highly regarded and tend to bring in more success.
  • Concentration. Children are usually very lively and won’t stay put. Early childhood educators balance this energy by engaging them in activities that let them follow directions, listen carefully, and participate in a group.
  • Self-esteem. Confidence and self-esteem is very critical to a growing child. Having a strong sense of well-being encourages them to explore their talents, skills, and interests, allowing them to build their identity more confidently.



  • It boosts their cognitive skills


Preschool is where children are given first-hand experience in structured learning, although it doesn’t seem that way. Many kindergarten facilities are becoming more and more academic, leading parents to enrol their children in early education to launch them slowly and surely to school.


Engaging in a wide range of hands-on activities and exercises allow a young child’s cognitive skills to develop. Problems that encourage them to ask questions, observe closely, and generate ideas help them exercise their minds at an early age.



  • It encourages holistic development


A strong physical, emotional, and mental foundation is important in preparing children for a lifetime of learning. Early childhood educators are carefully trained in identifying what areas about a child needs improvement, and focus their activities on that. This personalized and sensitive approach guarantees that your children are being taught in good hands and are learning the right things.


Preschool is a great opportunity for children to grow. It prepares them for the more hectic years ahead, and helps them grow holistically in a positive environment.

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  1. Great post and totally agree. Fortunately our daycare more than just that, it was a school and Anthony learned quite a bit and was prepared for kindergarten.

  2. A great post, I do think kids should be socialised early, it really does help them as they go through the whole school process. Sim x
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