4-Signs Your Childcare Center is Doing it’s Job Right



Trivial as it may sound, choosing a childcare center for your child is a very important task. You might think “Oh, I just need someone to babysit” or “I just need to find someone to watch over my little one while I’m gone.” However, that’s not everything a childcare center does. For your child, it’s going to be his first experience outside home. It’s going to be the very first time he’ll meet, play, and learn with people that is not his parents. Also, it would be his first attempt to make friends other than his siblings (read more). This is why I strongly believe that the center you choose for your child will impact his development greatly. So, I ask of you: Please choose wisely.

Of course, you may already have your child enrolled in one. It’s probably the nearest where you work or someplace accessible to you. That is okay. I’m pretty sure you also took many factors into consideration before you decided to go with your current day-care center. But have you checked how it’s influencing your kid so far? If you’ve been attending the same institution for several months now, then the evidence should start to show – maybe you just haven’t been paying attention.

For today, our goal is to identify these evidences. If your childcare center is doing its job right, it should reflect in the behavior of your child. There will definitely be changes, even if they’re very minute ones. Just for a few minutes, take time to read some of the major signs we have listed down which can tell you that your day-care center is doing a really good job of taking care of your little tyke.

Well, here we go!


  1. Enhanced Communication Skills

As a toddler, your child learns like a sponge. He or she will keep on seeping information at a very rapid rate. Language is one of the most important skills they have to develop during this stage of their life. If your child is becoming talkative (in a good way) and more communicable, then you bet the center of your choice is doing something right. This means that during your child’s time there, the adults encourage them to engage in verbal communication. Learning how to express their thoughts while young is necessary for your kids. This will help them achieve independence and reason out their own opinions later in life. Know more about the inner workings of your child’s mind here.


  1. Curiosity Is Developed childcare-center-tips


“Mommy, why are penguins called birds when they can’t fly?”

“Papa, why do ants follow each other around?”

“Nana, what’s this thing called?”

When your child starts to become inquisitive, it only means he or she is starting to develop an interest outside of him and you. He is starting to explore the world and everything it has to offer. It’s a very positive sign that your child wants to learn more – and you should have the center to thank for it. It could be that they are showing your child an environment that encourages curiosity. That is far better than leaving your child with people who can’t be bothered by their curious questions.


  1. Engagement with Others

When your child starts to understand that there’s a whole world outside of you and him, that’s pretty good development! You should encourage that. This will help him form the right attitude towards connecting with others. He will become more engaging; he will learn what it means to adjust. When he asks for permission to play with others, let him. He needs that kind of interaction. It’s also probably something he has learned from the childcare center. It’s a very positive thing, really!


  1. Exhibition of Good Manners & Conduct

Lastly, a good childcare center not only watches your child for you but also guides them in your stead. You may consider it as their first school and it is important that they learn the right values during their time there. It will help them develop the right principles in life and will primarily mold their morals. Saying “Please” and “Thank you” may seem small when compared to the grand scale of things but they are important. They are the foundations of good manners and it is important for your child to learn them so much that being polite becomes a norm for them.

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