5-Essential Tools You Should Have at Home

I always say, preparation is key.  You don’t know what’s coming down the pipeline, or what you might need fixed in the middle of a power outage, a blizzard or other natural disaster.  Tools are cornerstone, whether you need to fix something in your home or car. If you are DIY kind of person, or want to be prepared, there are some things you should always have on hand.

Being able to tend to minor repair tasks (at least) saves a lot of money in the short term.

Here is a look at my favorite essential tools.



1.    Chainsaw

A chainsaw is essential.  It’s good for cutting down trees, cutting fallen trees, trimming branches away from power lines and wires, or when trimming hedges. We use ours frequently for trimming trees and hedges so that we don’ have to hire out for these services.

Even though it’s first on the list, it is also one of the most dangerous power tools. It requires extra care and professionalism. You have to master its use and handling before beginning a project.  Make sure to read the directions and heed the warnings, such as: wearing tight fitting clothing, wearing safety googles, and wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts.

2.    Wrench

Everyone needs a wrench for general repair tasks like plumbing and other minor home repair. Wrenches made from chromium-vanadium alloy tool steel are resistant to corrosion due to their chrome-plated finish.

Note that there are different kinds of wrenches such as a pipe and tap wrench. Make sure you get the right one to suit your needs.  You will often need more than one kind.

3.    Garage Heater

While for some people garage is just a place to dump things that they no longer use, for others it’s a place whether they let out their creative self by working on DIY projects. If you treat your garage your second home then a garage heater is a must have tool.

There are many types of heaters available in the market. You can opt for an electric garage heater or a gas garage heater.  A garage heater is a huge investment, so it’s important that you choose the best heater for garage after carefully understanding the features of different models available in the market.

4.    Hand Truck

This is very important in every home, as it can help with moving of boxes as well as deal with other heavy tasks. You just have to buy one that easily meets your needs and is easy to push.

Besides, the best ones are usually lightweight, convenient and easy to use. Moreover, you can always adjust it for an easier push or pull. After which you can fold for storage.  Before purchase, make sure you check it’s weight capacity.

5.    Portable Jump Starter

Anyone who drives should have this at home and by his or her car all the time. There is nothing as boring and exhausting as a dead battery with 4-kids in the car (been there done that).  You can always wait for AAA but a portable jump starter is quick and can be of use anytime anywhere.

It’s easy to use and to learn how to use it properly.

They are no longer big and cumbersome.  You can find a starter that’s as small as your smart phone! They are affordable, safe to use and come with loads of other essential features, like; charging your smartphone, adding air to your tires, and powering other heavy-duty equipment.

Do you have these 5-items in your home?  What other essential tools would you add to this list?

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