Why Not Home? The State of Maternity Care in America

a new movie analyzing risk, safety and the birth experience in the US #homebirth


Why Not Home? is a new movie that Jessica Moore wants to produce.  A movie where doctors, nurses, and nurse midwives who attend birth in the hospital and make the choice to birth their babies at home – explore the risk, safety and birth experience in the US.

Neither I nor the movie are saying that everyone should be giving birth at home – or that it’s the right choice for the majority.  Also, not saying that the hospital is the right choice for everyone – or even the majority.  It’s about choice.

I do not give birth in hospitals.  In this day and age, Maryland is very natural birth unfriendly.  They have driven all the midwives underground and made it illegal for them to practice.  For many women – including me, under these circumstances where money is tight, it’s not possible to pay $3,500+ out-of-pocket for prenatals and a birth.  What a change for families in the US, if they were given the freedom to choose where they want to give birth?  The freedom to use their insurance, and live without the financial burden?  The freedom to birth where they feel that it’s best for them.  The freedom of choice not based on cost or coverage, fear or misinformation.  This is what this movie is about  – and I 100% support it.

When I first heard of this movie, I have asked myself, why does it have to be doctors?  Why can’t it be teachers, or stay at home moms, or working at home moms, or secretaries or lawyers?  unfortunately, I think when doctors say it, people will listen.  But, whatever works, right?


Take a look…


Here are a few articles which I found to be of great interest…

1. Why Doctors, nurses and other medical care individuals are choosing to birth at home.

2. Largest Homebirth Study shows that 97% of infants were carried to full term with minimal interventions for labor and delivery.

99% of women chose to (whatever made them make that choice) birth in the hospital. It’s the accepted method. You see an OB and then go to the hospital. While only 1% of women are choosing home, it’s growing every year, because women are seeing that the birth experience is just as important as the mechanics. They want to control their own birth and want to have a say in how it happens While it’s clear to me that homebirth is safe for both women and babies – money makes the world go around and everyone needs to eat. However, to make finances and medical linked – it makes it bad for everyone.

This movie is not about trying to convince people to go out and birth at home – or tell them that they are doing the right or the wrong thing. It’s about stimulating conversation. It’s about getting people to talk about it intelligently – to really think about it. Really, in the end, women have the ability to make informed decisions. To make it illegal, to push wonderful midwives underground ultimately doesn’t serve women.

The experts can fight as long as they want. In the end, it’s about choice and giving women the ability to make informed decisions on their own.

You can log onto the kickstarter page to learn more and support the project.

I would love to hear about your birth experiences.

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  1. In the state I live in, you can give birth whatever way you want to. However, I gave birth in a Birthing Center and really liked it. I had the close care of midwives, with doctors in the building, and I had a birth plan that was reviewed and could choose whatever methods I wanted to use, like positions, water and could have music, etc. My concern was that I wanted doctors and emergency equipment close by, just in case. Long ago, when all women gave birth at home, there were a lot of deaths of the mother and/or baby. I know someone who wanted a home birth and it went really wrong and she nearly lost her baby because the midwife waited too long. I’m all for the birth centers. I feel like they’re a good in-between.

    • Hey Dawn,

      Thanks for your comment. Long ago when women gave birth at home, first – there wasn’t the monitoring there is now. Women giving birth at home in the care of a midwife gets prental care (unless they chose to go unassisted). If a women starts spilling protein, she would be transferred to the care of a doctor – she wouldn’t give birth at home, or in my state, at a birth center. IF you develop pre-eclampsia, a hospital is the right choice. Long ago this wouldn’t have happened. No matter what, long ago there weren’t ambulances, monitoring equipment. They didn’t know about pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and the rest. If you give birth at home or in the hospital long ago – the mortality rate was higher – it didn’t matter. Do you understand my point? I mean, society didn’t die off, right?

      As far as your friend, baby’s die everywhere – even in hospitals – it’s just not published. It’s unfortunate when it happens. Baby’s die in the care of doctors all the time, and so do mothers. In fact, 99% of women give birth in hospitals, and the maternal mortality rate is hugely high in the US (I should have published those findings). Imagine that? We are the last of developed countries in fact. I will post that article if you want.

      In my state, all the birth centers are free standing. This means that there are no doctors on site or emergency equipment. Midwives cannot deliver any type of medication. Just like if you were at home, you would be transferred by car or by ambulance in an emergency. So, in my state, birth center or home, it’s more of my home or your home? Know what I mean? Personally, I don’t like moving in labor. I like being in my own space with my own germs. I like being around the people that love me. But everyone is different. Like I said, it’s not for everyone.
      Lisa recently posted…Why Not Home? The State of Maternity Care in AmericaMy Profile

      • I totally get it. Home birth/hospital birth is not for everyone. My friend had no problems whatsoever with her pregnancy. It was just the baby wouldn’t come out and the midwife waited too long and by the time she got to the hospital it was an emergency birth. Just the short time it took to get to the hospital was almost too long. Just from my experience, the birthing center option seemed like a good in-between for me. It sounds like our birthing centers are much different than yours. Ours are attached to hospitals so doctors and emergency equipment is right there if needed. I wish all women in our country could have the same options to give birth the way they want to. I didn’t realize there was such a difference between states.
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  2. I SO agree with you: It’s all about choice! It’s frustrating that there is so much argument out there about where to give birth and people are so divided into sides. It makes it hard to find information that doesn’t feel biased or just have conversations and get good information to make informed choices about birth.
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  3. This post is great for raising awareness of a valid alternative to hospital births. I had two sort of botched up hospital births in 1976 and 1979. All turned out well eventually, thank God, but When I became pregnant again in 1984 I decided to have a homebirth. My first home birthed baby was a whopping 10 pounds 12 ounces and the easiest birth I ever experienced. I went on to have 4 more home births, 1 water birth at a hospital , and my last was born in the hospital when I was 43. I am featuring this post on my “What’s the Word Wednesday?” post being published tomorrow at Living and Learning With Our New Normal
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