Christmas Toy Review: The Amazing Zhus – Magically Finding their way into Your Child’s World


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The Amazing Zhus are cute little mice who will magically find themselves in your child’s heart this Christmas!  They will amaze your child aged 4+ with their skills and feats of magic.



Who are the Amazing Zhus?

The Amazing Zhus Magician pets are motorized pets that will amaze your child and their friends as they perform magic tricks and gravity defying stunts.  The Amazing Zhus Magician Pets can correctly guess the answers to the Magician’s cards – Follow their magic wand wherever you lead them, and predict the pea’s location under a pod – each and every time!  These talented pets can also perform death-defying stunts – which includes the high dive!

Take a look at all they can do!


How do the Amazing Zhus Work

The Amazing Zhus are easy to operate.  There are two buttons on their back.  The first, closest to their heads makes  them sing cool songs.  The second button is the explore button.  Put them in explore mode to read the magicians cards, perform death-defying tricks, play with their magic wand, or play with your child.  My children loved them and yours will love them too!


The Amazing Zhus #theamazingzhus will delight your child with their feats of magic


Why I Love The Amazing Zhus

In my house, we must have things that are durable.  Having a 2-year-old who loves to get into and play everything, we have to make sure the toys are built to last.  Our Amazing Zhu has been through the ringer.  He’s been dropped,  thrown, played with and stepped on.  Through all of that, he is still entertaining the younger kids!  If the kids are having fun – I am happy!  All of the components are safe.  There are no sharp corners or objects to be aware of.

Just push a button and you are off.  Don’t worry if the kids go off to play with another toy.  Your Amazing Zhus will shut off 5 minutes after its last interacted with – saving battery life and a boat load of money.  Each Amazing Zhu Pet and accessories come with batteries already installed.


The Amazing Zhus Cautions

The Amazing Zhus come with multiple components.  The pet comes with a magic wand and 3 magic cards.  If you are like me, and your kids are like mine, it’s hard to keep track of everything.  I had to make a huge effort to keep track of everything – just for this review.  Our Amazing Zhu was lost for a week before it was magically found.


Luckily, The Amazing Zhus pet will amaze even if you lose a card or two.


There are many accessories that you can choose from.  The magic shell game is fun, but make sure to turn off the pea.  Those button batteries are pretty annoying – and it doesn’t magically turn off on its own.


The Amazing Zhus Accessories

Magic Shell Game (reviewed) – Hide a pea under a pod, and your Amazing Zhus Pet will choose the right one every time.

Magician Cards (free with each pet and select accessories) (reviewed) – Your pet will leave you amazed as they guess the answer to each card!

Disappearing Box Trick – Disappear and reappear your Amazing Zhus Pet like magic!

High Dive (Reviewed)  – Watch your Amazing Zhus free fall 30 inches and land into the bowl each and every time.  They may act scared, but always work up the courage to take the brave leap.

Circus Ball – Be amazed as your Amazing Zhu Pet dances atop a spinning circus ball.

High Wire – Watch the feats of balance as your pet navigates the ring of fire and teases the crowed by nearly falling.



The Amazing Zhus Pets and accessories are reasonably priced between $7.99-$49.99.  You can get The Amazing Zhus Pets and Accessories on Amazon here. or at Walmart here.


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