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Project based learning downloadable pack math @Educents


In our homeschool, or work is pretty traditional.  We have used Saxon Math all through the entire homeschool process, so we have done fact sheets, work sheets, solved problems, etc.  I have seen steady improvement in both my kids, and I really like how it works for our family.  My 5th grader has a more difficult time grasping concepts, so I am always on the look out for fun ways he can learn concepts that he finds difficult – like area, volume, perimeter and the like.  When I saw this downloadable pack on the Educents website, I knew immediately, we had to have it!

This Project Based Learning Pack offers “real world” practice of basic math principles such as: advanced addition and subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, volume and more.  The 5 projects bring you step-by-step through the process of budgeting, planning for a field trip, planning for a Thanksgiving Day Dinner, creating a candy store, and selling lemonade from a lemonade stand.


Field Trip to Space – applying Math Concepts to Life Situations

Due to time constraints, I was only able to review only one project.  We decided to take a field trip to space!  In this scenario, we were to choose 2 planets and plan an awesome field trip.  We could do lots of fun stuff on the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Earth.  From there, we did some cost analysis, and determined with graphs and other factors the best place to go.

PBL review

According to what looked fun to him, he compared taking a trip to the moon and to Saturn, and who he wanted to take on the field trip.

Like things here on Earth, each field trip costs money.  First, it costs to travel there.  Depending upon the place, it’s more or less.  Then, you have to eat, so it costs to buy food.  It also costs to gain entry into all the fun exhibits and attractions.  We worked out total amounts (according to the number of adults and children we wanted to take on the trip), we created a graph comparing amounts, and we drew up a packing list and determined the size of the suitcase we would bring along.  From there, we wrote a persuasive letter trying to convince someone else that our choice was the right one, using the evidence we generated throughout the project!

At the end, there was a fun paper mache craft, where we make a paper mache planet of our own!

The reasons I love this pack are the same reasons that I thought I would love this pack.  It applies the basic concepts that we learn in class in new and exciting ways.  It’s a different application of multiplication.  It’s writing a different type of persuasive letter.  It’s just not the same old stuff.  This pack was very nicely integrated  into our more traditional classroom setting.  Besides the craft at the end of this project, it’s pretty easy.  There was very little preparation.  You don’t have to think of the scenarios yourself.  It’s all there for you – to download and print out.

This is not something I would use to replace my curriculum, or even use it every week.  I would use it periodically, after my children get a grasp for concepts – as a fun week-long review.  It would offer a break from the same-ole-same-ole – and offer some fun!

I would plan a full week per project.  There is more than enough material to last a week.  It would allow your child to work through the material and fully integrate all concepts.

Project Based Learning Pack for 5th Graders

This Project Based Learning Pack is on sale at Educents now for 50% off!  It’s a fabulous deal and a great addition to any homeschool program.  It’s also great for school supplemental learning!

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  1. Love new and creative ways for my kids to learn! I’m going to look into these practice sheets. Thanks for hosting Mommy Monday Blog Hop!

  2. Thank you so much for linking this. We are working really hard on math skills and this will come in handy. Stopping by from the Mommy Monday Blog Hop.
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  3. That is a cool project! I love how it integrates some addition/subtraction skills with graphing and a craft. It sounds like an engaging project too. We used Saxon at our school site up until this year and I really like how it spirals, continually reviewing skills. But it doesn’t have cool projects like this. Great find!
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  4. what an awesome way to teach math…real life…what schools are desperately lacking.
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  5. I love it!
    When we moved recently, the boys were studying ratios. We worked out how long it would take us to drive, fly, walk. How much water we would have to carry in a survival situation, etc. it was so much fun!
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