Are you Getting Fit This Year? Whole Food vs. Shakeology – What’s Best Vs. What’s Ideal?

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When I started my journey, I was of the opinion that to get the weight off, and keep it off, I would have to relearn how to eat.

That is true.  I was right! Approximately 80% of a successful weight loss/fitness campaign is in what you eat, while about 20% is how you exercise.  You can eat like crap, and exercise like crazy – and you will go nowhere (believe me.  I know, because I tried).  While exercise is essential to getting lean, getting toned, and being healthy – overall, its in what you eat where you will see your results quickly, and reach those long-term goals.

I thought, in order to lose 130 lbs, I was going to have to eat whole-foods.  That was “the best” way possible.  I was ALL IN!  I was totally against drinking any shakes or taking any supplements!  Whole foods were the way to long-term and permanent weight loss success – plus my answer to decreasing my A1C and lowering my blood pressure.

Shakeology® What’s Best Vs. What’s Ideal?

I would agree with my past-self – somewhat.  Whole foods are definitely the way to go – but is it best?

I would agree that it’s ideal.  It’s ideal to eat all organic, whole-foods, no sugar, no additives, and no processed foods – however, is that best?

What’s best, is what I will do.  I would love to juice, and eat paleo, and do this and do that, but will I do it?  Will I be able to maintain the lifestyle and the finances necessary?  Or will it just be a good idea, put in the past, thrown out with yesterday’s trash (including the $600 juicer I just bought) – while I continue the bad habits that got me in the position in the first place?

We have given the nutrition experts a fighting chance, but with 7 out of 10 people overweight and millions still battling chronic conditions such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and heart disease – it’s apparent that the “message” has not be received.

While it’s not ideal, Shakeology® provides a “quick-fix” to less than desirable fat-laden foods.  It’s easy (all the nutrients are their in their whole-food sources), it’s super nutritious, it’s fast, it’s delicious and it enhances any healthy clean-eating diet.  Plus, it can be a one-stop solution to any “body.”  For weight loss use it as a meal replacement, and for toning, bulking or getting ripped, use it as a snack.

One and done!

Shakeology® the no-brainer to clean eating nutrition.  Something you don’t have to fret over, think about and take a bunch of extra steps.

It’s easy – and what’s easy, delicious and nutritious – is what’s best in this fast-food, smartphone society.

Shakeology® and Weight Loss

I know this isn’t everyone’s situation, but it’s hard to lose weight.  It’s hard to exercise and it’s hard to eat right.

It’s difficult to make those necessary changes, I know.  I still struggle 2 years later.

Small steps, right?

Shakeology® takes the edge off.


Health Goals Realized with Shakeology®

The results that I have seen with a clean eating diet, Shakeology®, and a healthy daily exercise routine have blown my mind.  Not only have a realized my dreams of decreasing my A1C and blood pressure (and getting off those dreaded and dangerous pills), I have lost weight and kept it off through pregnancy and now postpartum.

I have only lost half of the weight I need to lose. Imagine what’s in store for me 6 months – 1 year down the line!

This is no small thing – for someone whose bad habits were ingrained since birth.

In addition, my good cholesterol climbed to unbelievable heights, my bad cholesterol plummeted and my triglycerides are amazing at 35!

Shakeology® helped me to achieve my goals.

Why not do both together? That’s what I did. That is what has been so successful for me!

Are you Interested in Trying Shakeology®?

With a 30-day bottom of the bag guarantee – there is really no downside to giving it a try.  If you don’t like it, return it without a reason – even if you have one scoop left in the bag.

Contact me and let’s talk.  There are no obligations.

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