Ava Can Read! Rock N’ Learn Sight Word DVD Collection Review


I received The Rock N’ Learn DVD Collection in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.




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This year, we have been working really hard with Ava on Math and Reading – I guess the two most important things when a child is in Kindergarten.  In the last 9 months, she has improved greatly in both subjects.  In reading, we have been doing basic phonics and cursive writing.   Our phonics curriculum does deal with sight words – a bit, but I wanted something else that would be fun, engaging, and a little less structured.  This way, I could make up games for her to play.  Plus, part of learning how to read is to just get in there and do it, you know?  I wanted to be able to go to the library, pick up some beginning books – and have her read – giving her confidence and instilling a love and desire to read.

Isn’t that the goal?  Reading success builds further desire to read.

We have been using the Rock N’ Learn Sight Words collection of DVD’s.  It’s a 3-collection DVD set, which builds upon each other.  Here is a sample clip from the Rock N’ Learn YouTube site.



Rock N’ Learn used music, dance and song to engage multiple senses – making learning interesting and fun!

In level 1 – Pre-primer Dolch words Plus the Top 20 from Fry’s first 100
In level 2 – All first grade Dolch words and many from Fry’s list.
In level 3 – All Primer Dolch words and many from Fry’s list.

The Dolch Word List – What is it?

Fry’s Word List – What is it?

All of these DVD’s use song and humor and are taught in the context of meaning.

I watched the DVD with her, made up flash cards, that then we put with other words that follow the rules of phonics, to make up sentences (will share those later).  It was like putting a puzzle together – and reinforced the learning.

Ava has been reading for the past few months.  Here is a small clip.  She is reading Find Nat – which is the first book in SET 1 of the Get Ready, Get Set, Read! program.



The Rock N’ Learn Sight Words Collection is a great resource that will work within any phonics curriculum!

To visit Rock N’ Learn on the web, go here.

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