Ava’s First Solo Violin Recital – Suzuki Violin

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Today Ava had her first solo violin recital.  She played a full sandwich with the Washington-Washington rhythm.

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the way Suzuki Violin works.  If not, I will provide a brief background.

The Suzuki method was created by a gentleman named Shinichi Suzuki (b. 1898, d. 1989).  He believed that learning the violin was much like learning your native language. It had to be nurtured and encouraged from a very young age.  He believed that talent is not inborn but developed.  The key is to create the “right” environment to learn music.  A positive environment would foster character in students.

Some of the central beliefs

  • Saturation in music – listening to classical music, going to concerts – will develop an intrinsic desire to play.
  • Avoidance of tests or auditions to enter classes or judge success.
  • Learning to play by ear.  Later incorporating sheet music.
  • Private and group lesson times.
  • Memorization.  Ava memorizes poems and recites them every week.
  • Frequent public performances.


All the violin pieces include the following rhythms

  • Washington-Washington
  • Stop Big Bow
  • Huckleberry-Huckleberry
  • My Name ~rest~ Is
  • Mississippi Hot Dog

We learn the rhythms first.  Then we apply them to the twinkle twinkle songs.

She performs a solo and group recital pieces in the fall, in the spring and in the summer.

This is her solo violin performance today.

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  1. Ohhhh, so cute! My boys have been taking piano lessons since they were in kindergarten. They do learn by reading music but they have to memorize their recital pieces. This year both my sons are doing a duet together for the first time. I just love going to children’s recitals. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s.
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  2. Way to go, Ava! We used to have one of those itty bitty violin’s as well. Neighbor Girl tried Suzuki violin when she was little – so we are VERY familiar with it. It takes a lot of coordination to play the violin. Great job and keep up the great work.
    Cool Mom (Christine M.)
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  3. Anyonita, you made it to Let\’s Get Social Sunday! Yay! So glad you joined us!

    Ava is a doll- she looks so poised and confident! And I enjoyed learning about the Suzuki method- I had heard of it, but didn’t know anything about it.

    Love, Joy @ Yesterfood.blogspot.com
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  4. Wow, she did great!

    I took Suzuki Violin lessons when I was Ava’s age! Then we moved when I was 6 and I never really had a teacher after that. So I was pretty good at age 6, but never got much better.
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    • Yeah, thanks Mama!

      Yeah, I was laughing when you told me the story of making yourself fall asleep. haha!

      Sometimes Ava doesn’t want to practice, so we don’t practice. It’s about encouragement not “the beat down”. It’s the minority and works. Most of the time she is very enthusiastic about practicing – and even reminds me that we need to practice.
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  5. Love it! Your daughter is a doll!! My daughter is in her 3rd year of suzuki and it has worked so well for her. The method truly works. She LOVES to play, I never have to tell her to practice. (which wasn’t the case when I was a child playing flute/piano) Our teacher calls he rhythms different names though…except for Mississippi Hot Dog. 🙂

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