Awesome Blog Shoutout! Week of February 4th

 You know, there are some AWESOME blogs on the web!  I totally love reading them – even the recipe ones.  They so inspire me to be a better mother and blogger.  I just love them.

Here are a few posts that I really really loved last week!

1.  I made the Shrimp Chowder from Jess Is More.  It’s a crockpot recipe.  Yum, Yum, YUM…even my husband loved it, and that’s saying A LOT.  Actually, I deviated from the recipe and allowed it to cook on low overnight.  Oh My Gosh, the flavors were AMAZING, and it was nice and hot and spicy.

It really was delicious, and it didn’t take forever to cook – which is a plus for me.

Best of all, the kids can help with this.  I cut up all the stuff, but they can put it in the crockpot.  No heat, so SCORE!

2.  Chockababy had some awesome Vegan chocolate cupcakes going on in her part of the blogosphere!  I loved these because my boy is allergic to cows milk, and eggs – so another SCORE!

3.  For Valentines Day, Family Food Finds had some heart cake pops that were really super cute!

I haven’t been at this too long, but I am sure craft posts are very popular around Valentines day.  Let me tell you that these shoutout days are the only time you will see awesome crafts on this blog, cause I am…ummm….the anti-crafty.

1.  First, let’s head over to There’s Magic Out There for the very COOL Potato printed valentines day cards.  So clever!  Best of all, the kids can help – and the materials – you already have in your home.  You really don’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money on stuff.  LOVE THAT!

2.  These are really super cute from Diary of a Working Mom.  Love that blog!  If anybody knows where you get the heart punches, please comment and let me know.

3.  Uber creativity from Family Focus Blog.  Awesome inexpensive but cute Valentines Day craft ideas!

The kids and I are going to have a blast making some of this for Daddy!

Blog Posts
 1.  This one I love…love…love from Green Child Magazine.  If we just touched, held, carried our children (in a sling) more, I think this world would be a better place.  LOVE IT!

2.  This post from The Parent Place made me exhale.  It’s impossible to know how difficult it is to be a Mom – unless you are one.

My challenge for you this week is to take the time to visit these posts and these blogs.  Trust me, you will enjoy it – so it won’t be work.


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  1. Hi Lisa! Sorry I didn’t respond to your comment about the punches! Sometimes things get busy and I don’t get to all the questions… Anyway, I got the heart punch at Michael’s craft store, but I’m sure they’d have them at any craft store. Mine was from Martha Stewart and was labeled $9.99 or something crazy like that, but when I got it to the register it was $3.99. They also had a heart punch in the scrapbooking section (not sure who the manufacturer was) for $3, regular price, which means you should be able to use a coupon. My craft store always has 40% off coupons, and most of the time I can find them online so I don’t have to have the paper with me. Good luck with your votives and thanks for linking to my blog!

  2. Thanks! You should totally make some cupcakes for your son as a sweet little Valentine’s treat 🙂 You can buy canned icing at the store that is vegan – win! I hope you try them and let me know 🙂

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