Homeschooling and Simple Living with the Back to the Basics Bundle – Planners and more!


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I am really excited about this bundle, because it offers homeschooling families lots of great tips – not only on getting back to the basics and organized in the homeschooling environment – but on all aspects of life!


Homeschool Organization

I am chronically unorganized.  Well, I am pretty organized in my head, but that doesn’t always come out to be an organized in life :).  I just don’t write anything down, and stick to it.

Now, I am not saying I am declaring a new year resolution (because, honestly, it’s scary to declare anything).  All I am saying is that I have identified a HUGE weakness – and it needs addressing.

This was the main reason I was interested in this bundle.  They have two homeschool planners – “To Die For”.

The Naturalist Homeschool Planner


#homeschool planner #organiztion #homeschooling #homeschooler #hsbloggers

It’s a beautiful but thorough planner for your homeschool.  The illustrations are simplistic with these watercolor-like pictures.

The planner includes; planning sheets for each term,  a book log, lunch list, attendance sheet, score tracking sheet and field trip log.  These help you to plan in advance, collate ideas and just be more organized by the week and month!  They are simplistic but effective.

Honestly, I never even thought about taking attendance.


At any rate, it also includes weekly lesson planning sheets.  It’s easier to see what you are doing, and subjects you need to increase, when you write everything down.


HOmeschool planner #homeschooling #organization

It’s an easy system that will make homeschooling seamless!

I love it!


Color Coded Planner for each Child

Included in this bundle is also a color coded planner – where you can plan each child’s day, goals, chores and chore checklists!


Homeschool Help

This bundle helps homeschoolers with more than just organization.  It includes:


MP3 Course Collection: How to manage intense kids, Advance placement/dual enrollment in high school, Entrepreneurship, 5 steps to make your child a more competent writer, budget basics for kids and teens, Homeschool transitions, transcripts and more

Easy chore cards to keep everyone on track


Homeschooling Fundamentals eBook – the guide for any new or seasoned homeschooler!


homeschooling fundamentals #ebook #homeschooling #hsbloggers


Are you Interested in Purchasing These Resources?

The sale begins Thursday January 14th – January 27th.  For more information, check out the site here.


It’s more than Just Homeschooling

There are over 50 simple living resources that will benefit your family, your life, and your home!


Living a rich life as a SAHM #SAHM #tips #ebook
It has been my experience that I have been happiest teaching my children when I am relaxed, unhindered and mentally focused on one thing – proving my children with the best education possible.

Here is an excellent guide on how to live comfortably on 1 income so that you and your children get the best possible from you.


A 6 week cource on decluttering and destressing #homeschool
My life is all about clutter.  How is a proper mentor/teacher to function when he/she is stressed?  Here is a 6 week course that will guide you through declutting and de-stressing your life!

This course will help me, our homeschool and my business – immensely!

Other Topics Include

Frugal living

Simple living

Preparedness – There is a fabulous shelf stable cookbook guide included!

Green living

Natural remedies


Cooking from scratch

Do-It-Yourself (dehydrating and face masks and scrubs).


To see a list of authors included in this bundle click here.


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Frugal living

Simple living


Green living

Natural remedies


Cooking from scratch




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  1. After almost two decades of homeschooling, it almost always comes down to organization and attitude for me.
    I swear, my boys can smell an unplanned homeschool day from a hundred yards! While I do plan, I also have learned to be flexible.
    You never know when a rabbit trail lesson will spark incredible growth!
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