Bambo Nature Disposable Diaper Review

Bambo Nature Review


Bambo Nature is the new usable “green” disposable diaper.

I’m a cloth diaper user, and I have to admit I was pretty reluctant.  I have tried hard to avoid using disposable diapers because of the waste, the impact on our environment, the money, the impact on our environment, the chemicals, the dyes, the perfumes, and the impact on our environment.   For me, cloth is a lot of work, but a necessary work.  I have tried green disposable diapers before, and was unsatisfied due to the bulky nature and lack of absorbency.  In fact, I could not even use the pack – I just threw it away.

Abena, the company that developed and sells Bambo Nature, goes through great lengths to slim down and cut the amount of waste, chemicals, and harmful byproducts out of its manufacturing and shipping processes.

Here are just some of the ways Bambo Nature is a better alternative to the traditional disposable diaper.

  • The wood used for pulp is derived from a sustainable forest (more trees are planted than cut).
  • No chlorine in the bleaching process.
  • No “substances of very high concern” are used.
  • No known substances are used that are hazard to our health or the environment.
  • No substances are used that are known to be irritating or sensitizing.

Here are some ways in which Abena is sensitive to environmental concerns in its manufacturing process.

  • Insists on a reduction of energy consumption.
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • No chemical are used during production, including: brighteners, lotions, odor eliminators, or perfumes/essential oils.
  • Reduction of all waste products during manufacturing.  Even dust is filtered and reused.

Abena is also very mindful of its shipping procedures.

  • Only uses packaging that can be broken down and recycled or composted.
  • Member of the clean shipping project.

If you want more detail about why Bambo Nature is different, visit their website.


For me, seeing is believing.  The fit is unbelievable.  The diapers are unbelievably absorbent.  I would put them on at night, and he would wake up with dry clothes and sheets.  This is something  I cannot say for Pampers.

The diapers are cute – with a cute little front design – and comparable in thickness to Pampers, Huggies,  Luvs, and the rest.

Design and thinness of Bambo Nature


Do you use disposable diapers?  What are your reservations about using eco-friendly diapers?


I received Bambo Diapers and compensation for this review.  However, all of my opinions are 100% my own.

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