Big Curriculum Sale at Educents


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Hey Homeschoolers,  there is a great big curriculum sale going on at Educents.


There is a fair bit of Christian/Creation based Science Curriculum on sale.


Science Curriculum - creationist


  1. Fascinating Facts of World Discovery           $13.99 (56% off)            Ends 1/10
  2. Chemistry and Physics Curriculum             Grades 3-8            $35.99 (35% off)           Ends 1/25
  3. Zoology Curriculum           Grades 4-6          $52.50 (38% off)          Ends 1/25
  4. Earth Science          Grades 3-8          $35.99 (30% off)          Ends 1/25
  5. The Night Sky        Grades 7-9          $33.99 (36% off)          Ends 1/25

Here are also some very nice curriculum bundles that you may be interested in.


Curriculum Sale - Educents Curriculum sale - Educents 2


  1. Get fit with Hoopersize      $28 (30% off)           Ends 1/19
  2. Online Language Learning          $75 (50% off)          Ends 1/20
  3. Learning Peel and Play Packs          $39.99 (60% off)          Ends 1/15
  4. 12 month Science Club Home Subscription            $152.45 (25% off)          Ends 1/18
  5. General Curriculum Bundle Grades 2-3          $29.99 (78% off)        Ends 1/15
  6. Speed Reading Curriculum          $38.99 (75% off)      Ends 1/19


I have featured a variety of curriculum, some of my favs that I would love to try.  I am hoping you can find something that enriches yours and your children’s education.  For a more complete availability, you can visit the Educents Website here.

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