Blog Shoutout Week of February 18th – Family Friendly Recipes, Crafts and Articles


Ahhhh, I so love Mondays!  It’s the beginning of the week.  We can start anew and leave the events of last week in the past!  Hooray!

It’s now time to give a little SHOUTOUT to all the awesome blogs I read last week – featuring cool posts, awesome recipes or great crafts!


I really just need to make a page of totally awesome articles that I love to pieces.  This one would fall under this category for so many reasons.

  1. How Free Play can Define Kids’ Success  I love the way the author defines success in this article.  She uses words like empathy, character and confidence.  I love that.  I think free play is so so important.  I think schools are almost too structured.  They do not allow the kids to just use their imagination.  I remember that Ms. Geena Bean – a very good children’s Author, said – just give children a cardboard box, and let them play.  I will never forget that.
  2. The Top 10 Winter Books for Kids Love love love this by Pragmatic Mom.  Especially with World Book Day coming up on March 7th.  Here are 7 wonderful books ideas for your kids to read!
  3. Speaking of World Book Day, Loving this idea from Jess at Catch a Single Thought.  I’m participating, are you?  It’s so easy.  Visit her website and get all the information!


  1. This idea from Alvina at There’s Magic Out There takes the idea of crafts to a whole new level!  I just love it!  I think this is just such a cute craft idea.  I love that she uses paper plates, which is something that many people already have in the house.  I actually love all her craft ideas.  They are so simple in the supplies.


  1. This Very Berry Crumble Tart looks awesome!  Personally, I’m not really keen on whole fruit pies, because I don’t like when the fruit comes gushing out in my mouth when I bite into it.  However, I might want to try this.  Maybe cutting the fruit a bit more.  I don’t know.  It looks totally awesome!  I would like to try to make my own pie crust.  This would be spectacular during fruit picking season.  This recipe is the epitome of my pinterest board – YUM!
  2. I love this pasta with kale from Living in the (mom)ent.  It looks really good, and it’s simple.  If you haven’t figured it out, when it comes to kitchen – I like simplicity.  I don’t buying lots of exotic ingredients, I don’t like taking lots of stuff out, and I certainly don’t like cleaning lots of stuff in the end.  This looks really good to me!
  3. This crockpot corn chowder from Diary of a Working Mom – reminds me of the shrimp chowder recipe I posted a few weeks ago.  This looks EXCELLENT – and a must try in my book.

Thanks you guys for all of your excellent blog posts and creativity!  It helps to fuel my blog!  You are awesome!

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    What a great list of ideas you’ve made, I might need to check some of these out!

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for the shout out. Love the new design and congrats on becoming a “.com”!

    • Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Ahhhh, no problem. Your recipes are totally awesome! I am so envious. If I get dinner on the table, it’s amazing – not even preparing something from scratch. I am so envious of you.


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