Bloggiesta 2013 – An Update


Mini-challenges completed thus Far

I completed the following mini-challenges so far…

  1. Feed Readers by The Picky Girl
  2. Through a visitors eyes from On the Book Bender which I will update below


Mini-challenge updates – Feed Readers

Based on Jenn’s suggestions, I choose a feed reader and am confident with my decision.  Here is my review of Bloglovin.

Mini-challenge Updates – Through a Visitors Eyes

The goal of this challenge is to make it easier for the readers to navigate the website.  So, I have done the following…

  1. Put a search bar on top – so visitors can find blog posts easier
  2. Categorized all my blog posts – with the intention of putting tabs/organizational menu.  My categories are Affirmations of Hope, Culture, Eco Friendly , Faith, Family Literacy, Natural Parenting, Reviews, and The Squishable Baby.  The menu/tabs will be set up sometime next week.
  3. Will be taking out a few social media icons, and adding the bloglovin icon.
  4. Tested RSS feeds, Newsletter sign ups, Social Media icon landing pages, Comments to make sure all were working properly.


Update on my Bloggiesta Progress

My original To-Do list posting is here.

Here is my progress so far…

  1. To replace a few of the social media icons on my sidebar with my bloglovin icon – Designer has been notified and will do it when she has time
  2. Participate in the 3 Twitter parties – So far have gotten to 2/3.  Last one is tonight
  3. Participate in at least 3 challenges – Completed 2/3 challenges.  Doing one more today
  4. Write up text for my home page and figure out (logistically) where I’m going to put it
  5. Figure out blog tabs or categories and commit!
  6. Categorize my posts
  7. Network…network…network with other Bloggiesta bloggers – Still working on this
  8. Continue posting on my regular schedule while still completing all the above!


For Today

  1. Choose and complete 1 mini-challenge
  2. Participate in last Twitter Chat
  3. Network…network…network.  Visit at least 5 other Bloggiesta bloggers and check in on their progress
  4. Complete my scheduled blog post


Other Bloggiesta Blog Posts

My original to do list

Mini-Challenge 2 – A review of Bloglovin

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