Blogging Carnival Tutorials – Adding HTML to Blogger

When participating in a blogging carnival, it will be necessary to add HTML (that the blogging carnival host provides) to the post you have already written.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add the HTML in Blogger.

When you write your post, make sure you have the Compose tab highlighted.  It’s located in the top left (see arrow).

Edit in the compose section

Once your post is written and your pictures have been inserted, you can add the HTML and publish the post.

The HTML will be given in one of two ways.  One, via email – and two, via Google Docs.  Personally (and this is a personal preference) I feel that Google Docs keeps the integrity of the HTML better.  I find when I receive HTML via email – I have to do tons more edits.  None of the links ever work.  I don’t know much about HTML – so it became a huge learning process – and a total nuisance  to go back and change everything.

So, we are going to pretend that your HTML is delivered via Google Docs.

To open the Google Doc, simply click on the link that is provided to you.

Adding HTML to blogger

Here is the doc with HTML.  On the top, it says Top HTML.  this goes on the top of your post.  You will know because it will say …



You copy all the code between these two lines.  You highlight it with your mouse and press Ctrl C to copy.  Then  go to Blogger and choose the HTML Tab on the top left – and next to the Compose tab.  This is the tab which allows you to add HTML in Blogger.  Then press paste (in the menu, using Ctrl V, or right clicking and press “paste”).  It’s okay for you to copy the Start Top Code and End Stop Code lines as they will not show up in your post.

Here is the HTML which you pasted.  Note that when you add the HTML, the HTML tab should be highlighted (see red arrow).

Adding HTML in HTML section

Now, you will want to click the Compose tab to make sure the post looks okay.  There is nothing like a sloppy blog post.  In my opinion, sloppiness reflects badly on the blogger.  We want to make sure everything is neat and organized the way it’s suppose to be.

To do this.

1. Hit the Compose tab (see red arrow).  This is what you see.

Go back and edit format

This needs to be fixed.  The spacing is off.  So, we just fix it by putting in the correct spacing so it looks nice and professional.

post edit

Now, we do the same thing with the bottom code (which contains the links to all participating blogs).  We paste from the Google Doc into the HTML (by clicking on the HTML tab) portion of Blogger.

We just copy between the tags…





When you’ve done that, you are done.

Check your work, save and publish!

Was it difficult for you to learn how to use blogger?

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