Blogging Carnival Tutorials – Pre-Determining your URL in Blogger

In blogging carnivals, it’s necessary to determine your URL (web post address) before you actually post and it becomes live.  How do you do that?

It’s actually not so difficult.


If you have a blogspot address – you use blogger as your blogging platform.  For instance, your website address is…

If you have this type of address, then you want to use this tutorial.

Let’s pretend that we are writing a blog post about different homeschool curriculum ideas.  Let’s also pretend that we will be the title of our post

Homeschool Curriculum Ideas

On the top  -where it says “post  title” – you will put your title – Homeschool Curriculum Ideas

Putting title in blogger

You see on the top left you have two options.  One says compose and the other says HTML.  when you write your post, make sure the compose tab (see red arrow) is clicked.  It will actually be darkened.  You always want to write in the composition part.  Putting HTML in blogger will be the subject of another tutorial.  So for now, make sure the compose button is selected.

The Compose Tab

Now, write your post.  Make sure you save often.  I have had many occasions where I have written a lot, and then the server goes down, or I get distracted and my computer is unplugged – or whatever case.  It’s annoying when you loose your work.

You write your post and put in the pictures that you want.  When you finish, it’s time to spell check and save your work and just leave it there until you publish on Carnival day.

Now, you must submit a web address for the post to the Carnival Host so that your link can be included.

In blogger, when you publish a post – the URL is a formula.

Here is an example…

Blogger URL Address

So, for your next Blogging carnival post – in July, the title of your post is…

Surviving Homeschooling

The URL (or website address) for that post will be..

Once you have the URL of your post, you send it along to the Carnival Host – with the tentative draft of your post!

If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to email me – lisa {at} squishablebaby {dot} com

or leave a blog post comment.

I would love to hear from you!

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