What’s Google Reader? A Bloglovin Review


Bloggiesta Challenge #1

The wordpress SEO thingy is going to say that I need my keyword in the first paragraph, so here it is.  This is a bloglovin review.


I started blogging, not more than 2 months ago.  First I was on blogger, than a month later, started the .com site.  I had (have) no clue what GFC or Google reader is.  What is it?  Can someone please tell me?

I remember co-hosting my first blog hop  a few weeks ago.  The host said, well – you don’t have a GFC widget.  I was like, a whaaaaaa?

Oh yes, this is a learning process – yes indeedy!

I am sure she thought I was insane.  You know what?  She probably isn’t that far off.

I do crazy well!

Anywho, when all the hoopla hit the fan – I was totally clueless.  I did not understand what the” hub bub” was.  I had grabbed all the RSS feeds to the blogs I loved – and had them in my bookmarks menu.  I thought I was golden.

The things I didn’t know.

From what I read (on Google + mostly) most authors were breakin’ for bloglovin’ – so that’s what I did.


I signed up and struggled to get my blog feed working.  For some reason, I ended up with two feeds – one was to comments, and one was a actual feed.  I emailed bloglovin’, and in the end, I still don’t get it – but it worked out its own kinks – so whateva.

In the last week I have fallen in love with bloglovin.  I really like it a lot – and it’s a whole lot better than my bookmark blog hop I had previously!  I love scrolling through the blogs, seeing the titles right in front of me.  If something catches my eye – I click – I read- I comment – I promote – then I return back to bloglovin’ and continue skimming.

It’s so easy.

I also love how the previously read posts are darkened.  For me, that is an important feature since I am back and forth with the kids, the homeschooling, and the activities.  I can come back to the computer several hours later and  know what I have read.   I don’t have to re-read and I don’t have to guess.  In my opinion, bloglovin is a time saver – a real plus!

I also like the large featured picture.  Sometimes I read a post –  because of the nice picture.

I have all the blogs categorized out as well.  In all honesty, I haven’t yet used the categories, but maybe once I get the hang of things, I will figure out an intelligent way to use that feature.

I love that bloglovin is easy (besides getting the initial feed to work), there is a big picture, and the blogs can be categorized (if I get intelligent in the future – I might actually use that feature).  Most importantly, I like that there are not too many bells and whistles to bog me down.  With my time constraints, all the back and forth, and having to be up all night blogging and sewing (read eyes glazed over) – I don’t need to be bogged down with unnecessary and confusing features.

I needed a set up and go – and that is what bloglovin is!

Do you use bloglovin’?  How do you like it?

Make sure you add me to bloglovin’ I would love to connect!

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  1. I’ve never used a reader. Well, no scratch that. I TRIED a reader months and months ago and I had NO idea what I was doing. 😉 So, that lasted for about 2 minutes. With the Google Reader Fiasco of 2013 happening I’ve heard people comparing their next favorites and it does seem that Bloglovin’ is coming out on top. I really would like to try it!

  2. I completely agree with you!! I love how I can refresh the page, and it automatically knows what I’ve already read! So easy.

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    The Hartungs Blog

  3. First off, I love your header! So fun.

    Second, I did the same thing when I began blogging. Except my bookmarks bar was out of control. When I finally clicked to what a blog feed reader was, I was so excited. I used Google Reader, though, and just never liked it. It was too technical for my taste. So I switched to Bloglovin and haven’t looked back. I hope it keeps working for you.

    • Thanks! Can you believe that i have more bookmarks than I do blogs on bloglovin?

      Totally crazy!

      I never heard of Google reader. In fact, I hadn’t heard of any. Just picked bloglovin cause – that’s the direction most people (who write the blogs I read) were going in.

      I suppose I should do some research.


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