Caboo Baby Wipes: Soft Sustainable Bamboo as an Alternative to Trees


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squishable baby wipes from @cabooproducts ethically farmed, sensible


Have you heard of Caboo Paper?  If not, they are AMAZING.  These are regular, everyday paper products – products that we use multiple times a day – that are not made with trees (like the grocery store stuff), but with sugarcane and bamboo!  Isn’t that cool?  Well, I find it very cool, and after you see this video, you will too!

Take a look at why this is so important for our environment.



Why Bamboo and Sugarcane?

Sugarcane and bamboo are grasses not hardwood, like trees.  They are fast growing, and after harvesting will grow back in 3-4 months without replanting.  With trees, it takes over 30 years to grow.  We cut down 27, 000 trees a day to make the paper products that you buy in the store.  Just imagine not having to rely on trees.  Just the impact on deforestation is astounding!

Interested yet?

The natural root network of bamboo prevents erosion and retains moisture.  In fact, bamboo can grow in harsh environments, those where the soil lacks adequate nutrients and water.  Actually, bamboo adds nutrients to the soil that was previously depleted.  Bamboo doesn’t require fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, preventing the release of dangerous chemicals into our air and onto our soil.

Sugarcane is bamboo on crack!  The fibrous residue that remains after the oils and juices have been extracted from the crushed stalks is how Caboo makes it’s paper products.  The fibrous material, also known as “bagasse”  is normally burned or disposed of.  It’s like repurposing extreme!


Caboo Baby Wipes

In this day and age, where the environment has come under violent attack, I want to make sure that I do my part in keeping it clean and healthy – so that future generations can thrive.

We use and throw away a lot of wipes around here.  When I started having kids, I would do the cloth wipes with the couture DIY cleaning spray.  That lasted about a day and a half.  Seriously.  I was too busy to make the cocktail.  With the laundry, and dragging big bulky wipes along in the diaper bag – it was too much.  I needed a simpler solution, and now I have one.

Caboo offers a line of baby wipes that are made from bamboo and packaged much like other wipes.  You just open the package, wipe and go.  They are super soft, all-natural, and gentle and delicate for baby’s soft skin.  They also have a bulk bag and you can easily put the wipes in a wipe warmer at home, or place a small package that’s the perfect size for your diaper bag (no bulk, no worries).  Most important, it’s easy.  Why should being environmentally conscience have to be difficult?


Super soft tree-free @cabooproducts made from bamboo


It’s a viable and maintainable solution:  It’s respectful to the environment and convenient for you.


It Goes Beyond Baby Wipes


@cabooproducts baby wipes, sustainable bamboo as an alternative to trees #ecofriendly


I find Caboo exciting because it offers environmental conscientiousness and convenience on products that I am using and buying every day. Caboo offers a whole line of squeezable soft environmentally tree-free sustainable paper products including…


Toilet Paper

Facial Tissue

Kitchen Towel Rolls

Multi-Fold Towels

Table Napkins


In a variety of sizes.


Purchase Caboo Products

Caboo is ethically and sensible.  Purchase the products from the following places…


Caboo Website | Caboo on Amazon


Do you use sustainable or eco-friendly paper products?


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