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As a blogger and a mother, I don’t have a lot of time.  I often think, I should be doing more – and if I were more consistent – I would be more successful, reach more people, and be more prolific.

All True.

It’s important that you get your content out there and reach the people you want to reach.  That requires consistency in keeping in touch – but how do you do that in an effective and easy way?

Campaign Monitor

The one thing I struggle with is the time it takes to craft nice emails to send out.  With the working out, blogging, and being a mom – there seems to be almost no time.

Do you struggle with this?

I mean, I value sleep.  Sleep is really important and I want to be doing a lot of it.  I don’t want to be crafting emails (and won’t be) at 2 in the morning.  Not only is that an unsustainable lifestyle, it’s a lifestyle for losers.

This is why I’m so glad that I found Campaign Monitor.  They really help you to create unforgettable emails, simply; with their drag and drop technology, spectacular designs and user-friendly interface.  Start your emails campaigns with access to thousands of effective, well designed templates.

Are you ready to craft an email?  Just have your logo and wording ready, and you can create the email of your dreams.  Just drop your logo into the appropriate boxes, replace wording, and voila!


Here I have adapted a template for myself.  I added my picture in the background.  I have changed wording, added links – and it was all simple.

Here I simply added a logo.  I had my picture on the desktop and just dropped it in.  You can also click the box, and download it from your computer (if it’s not on the desktop).

As you can see, you can adjust the size using the toggle on the left.  You can adjust alignment and link.  It’s all there.

You aren’t writing about exploring the great outdoors?  Fine.  You can easily change the wording and the background picture.


In this email, I am talking about the importance of taking care of yourself while taking care of your children.  How can a mommy be effective, if they are not feeling good physically or mentally?  I have easily personalized the background image, wording, button “call to action,” and link.  You see, it’s all there on the left.

Campaign monitor has made everything easy for the busy blogger who does not have a lot of time or the resources to hire staff to do this for them.


I love this email marketing platform.

Check out the platform and watch the demo videos.

Marketing Automation

You can also easily create follow-up emails to  keep your audience engaged, and to further drive revenue!



Sign-up HERE and start creating amazing emails today!


Do you have issues keeping in touch with your customers as well?



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