Celebrate Black History Month with a FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. Unit Study


FREE MLK Jr. unit study from @lovinglearningfreely


The kids and I have just found a HUGE love for unit studies. We have recently discovered Online Unit Studies, a company that caters to this generation of digital learners.  Our kids understand and identify with electronics and online learning – and finally – someone who understands this!

Plus, you don’t have to print out hundreds of pages of – who knows what. Before you know it, an entire ink cartridge is gone. All the unit studies from Online Unit Studies are 100% online.  Even the projects are done online!

For Black History Month, I downloaded the Martin Luther King, Jr. unit from Online Unit Studies.  I think Beth knows homeschoolers well.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed this unit.

There were two videos – one on the Civil Rights Movement and another great one on Martin Luther King Jr.   The Civil Rights Movement movie was short and sweet.  It is perfect for my kids.  It gives a brief overview so they can get the gist of what’s going on.  The Martin Luther King Jr. video was a bit longer – but animated.  The way the story was told – it spoke to them.


FREE MLK Jr. Unit via @lovinglearningfreely


The video was about a boy who went back in time and had a first-hand experience of how African-Americans were treated.

Each unit study ends with a project.  For this project, the kids used Canva to decorate an MLK Jr. quote that spoke to them.


FREE MLK unit study from @lovninglearningfreely


I think this was a good quote.  It’s relevant today.  We need a constant reminder, that ALL men are created equal!


Check out Online Unit studies, for more free units for Chinese New Year (February 8th) and Valentines day (February 14th)!

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