Celebrating Ava’s 6th Birthday with Morton Salt


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Morton salt 100 birthday salt dough recipe #mommyparty


I was honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Morton Salt 100th birthday celebration with Momselect.   We decided to have fun with Morton Salt by making Salt dough at my daughter’s 6th birthday party!  most of the time, parties do not go off as I think they will.  I do all the planning of the games and activities, and the kids end up doing something else.  Has that ever happened to you?  Well, it happens to me more times than not.  So, while I was hoping that the kids would find the salt dough fun and engaging, I knew it might blow up in my face.

I pre-prepared the salt dough before the kids arrived.  I have made a variety of salt dough recipes that I haven’t been happy with.  This one was perfect.  It make dough of the right consistency from the start.  It wasn’t messy when I tried to kneed the dough.  It made great dough that stood up to the rigors of 6-7 year olds!


Salt Dough Recipe


4 cups of flour

1 cup of Morton Salt – fine crystals

1 – 1/2 cups  warm water (you can mix it with food coloring)

2 teaspoons of vegetable oil

Kid-safe Paint



Place salt, and flour in bowl

Add water (with added food coloring) and mix well.  Kneed with hands.

Add 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil

Place flour on the cutting board and divide balls for each child.  I placed the balls on Aluminum foil.

Roll out (with a rolling-pin) thin but not too thin.

Refrigerate leftovers for 2 days.

After the creations are done, bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours.

Paint to decorate.


Originally, I thought we would be making hand prints with our dough.  However, I thought that bringing out the cookie cutters and making Christmas ornaments might be more fun!


Salt dough recipe christmas ornament creations - hand prints


We made Disney cutouts by using Disney inspired cookie cutters.  Using a toothpick, we placed a hole in the cut-out for hanging.  Since the party was 2 hours, we didn’t get a chance to paint them after, but it’s always a nice affect, and a chance for the child to really express themselves!

The salt dough worked out really well.  We never did the hand prints, but the kids had a lot of fun with the cut-outs – and then made creations of their own.  They made castles, animals, foods (hot dogs and burritos).  They worked on their creations over an hour.

Most importantly, our little Clawdeen was very happy!


6th birthday-monsters high-clawdeen-morton salt 100 birthday


Mom, of course was EXHAUSTED.  I don’t know what it is about birthday parties, or maybe a little celebration that all the birthdays are done for the year – but I was totally spent.  Guess what?  Morton Salt helped me with that as well.

  Morton Salt scented epsom salt bath to soothe my weary bones

After all the working-out at the crack of dawn, the running around, the making of the salt dough – it was nice to sink into a nice lavender-scented Morton Salt Epsom salt bath to soothe my weary bones!


Morton Salt Epsom Salt Bath Recipe


Simply add 1-2 cups of Morton Salt Epsom Salts scented bath crystals to hot water and soak for at least 15 minutes.  Light candles, play soothing music and relax!  It’s perfect after a hectic week of planning and preparation!


You could also do a foot soak if that’s more relaxing for you.


Morton Salt Epsom Salt Foot Soak Recipe



1 cup Morton Natural Epsom Salt (plain)

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 lemon – freshly juiced.


In a bowl, mix together all ingredients.

Fill a large tub with about 6-8 cups of warm water

Soak feet for 10 minutes.

Remove Polish, cut and file nails

Message Epsom salt into your feet – paying close attention to heels and balls of your feet

Soak 5 more minutes

Rinse and dry feet!


What fun things have you done with Morton Salt?  I need more recipes!


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  1. I’m so glad you posted the salt dough recipe! We were at a friend’s house the other day and her children had homemade “play doh.” Thank to you, I’ve got a tried and tested recipe to use. Oh, and I have bought Morton salt ever since I moved out and was on my own. My mother always had it in her pantry, and I love the branding and continuity, so it’s all I ever buy. Yes….I know the generics are a bit cheaper, but still!
    Anne Sweden recently posted…Kinsights Review and $100 Amazon Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Happy Birthday Ava!! You are adorable as Clawdeen. What a fun post. The title cracked me up. Have a wonderful Friday.
    Christine M. (Cool Mom) for The Gang recently posted…National Poetry Day and a 5 Star Readers’ Favorite Review for “The Observations of the Obstreperous Animals”My Profile

  3. I haven’t seen salt dough in years — I think I will make some soon with my kids. Thanks for bringing back memories and happy birthday to your little girl (my daughter just turned 7).
    Nancy Johnson Horn recently posted…Peep and the Big Wide World Launches New Bilingual Website and CurriculumMy Profile

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