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The kids are studying Medieval History in school this year.  It’s a time of opulence and of despair.  There is a great divide in the very wealthy and very poor.  The bubonic plague is rampant and is killing thousands of people in a very short time.  But for the nobles, it’s a great time of prosperity.  The Cathedrals of the time, burned and destroyed by the fighting that ensued during the fall of the Roman Empire, are rebuilt larger and more beautiful – containing lovely mosaics and stained glass.  The people had the advantage of Roman knowledge – with modern roads, and well-built buildings.   It’s also a time of great learning and discovery.  It’s a time of kings, lords and ladies – who wore clothes made of top-of-the-line fabric.

Puss in boots retold by Charles Perrault – an educated and accomplished Frenchman – he was a great intellectual of his time.  Charles Perrault retold a number of stories with wit and style.  Puss in Boots takes place during the Medieval period.  It’s a story of a common miller and his three sons.  When the miller died, all he had was a mill, his donkey and his cat.  The older boys took the mill and the donkey, and only the cat was left for the younger.  The younger son was very sad.  Even though he saw the cat do clever things, he said – “After I eat my cat and make a muff out of his fur – I’m sure to starve.”  However, the cat told him – “make sure you get me a sack and a pair of boots – and all will be well.”

Although reluctant, he did what the cat requested – and all was well!

Through a sequence of events that Puss in Boots put in place – the miller’s son was transformed into a nobleman – who owned an opulent castle and eventually married the King’s daughter.  Puss – first a commoner’s cat was transformed into a Knight, never having to chase another mouse again – except for fun.

Charles Perrault had taken a handful of stories, retold them, published them in a slender book in 1696 – titling it Tales of Mother Goose.  This slender book transformed literary thinking – and has entertained millions of children for over 300 years.

His stories inspired the classics.

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grimm_s_fairy_tale_classics_bluebeard DG-Little-Red-Riding-Hood - Copy Puss-n-boots


All in all, he influenced 8 classics.

  1. Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper
  2. Little Thumb
  3. Sleeping Beauty in the Wood
  4. Blue Beard
  5. Little Red Riding Hood
  6. The Master Cat or Puss in Boots
  7. The Fairies
  8. Ricky of the Tuft

The Tales of Mother Goose, as told by Charles Perrault can be downloaded free to your eReader.


Have you read all of these classic stories to your children?






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  1. I like Charles Perrault’s fairy tales – they are gentler than the Brother Grimm ones, in my opinion 🙂 We haven’t read all of them yet, though.
    maryanne recently posted…Adventure Stories for Kids: Gannon and WyattMy Profile

  2. We love his stories. My sons especially enjoyed puss in Boots:).
    A Better Way to Homeschool recently posted…Division Games: Fun or Headache?My Profile

    • They are wonderful! thanks for stopping by. I have been planning to stop by and enter your giveaway. Hope it’s not done yet.

      BTW, if you ever want to put your giveaways on the hop, I’m more than open. Just let me know before hand. All I need is a picture, a 2-4 sentence write up and then the rafflecopter/entry form code.

      Would be very happy to support you in anyway I can.

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  3. When I initially saw your post title I didn’t put it together so in your last paragraph when you revealed him as the author of the Tales of Mother Goose, I had a total “A-ha!” moment, followed by a “duh” moment! lol These are absolutely timeless stories. I just read Puss n’ Books to my children about a month ago. They loved the story. Thanks for sharing your post in the Kid Lit Blog Hop.
    Renee recently posted…Blog Tour Launch, Review & Giveaway: Ghost Leopard by Lars GuignardMy Profile

  4. Great post! We are all huge fans of fairy tales here. I love Charles Perrault and we have several different books of his tales with a variety of illustrators.
    Heather recently posted…Books We Loved This YearMy Profile

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