Chatter Zoo App Review and Wall Art Giveaway

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Just look at the picture posted above.  Aren’t the Chatter zoo babies the so very cute?  The picture says it all.  The app is a very cute, interactive educational tool for early learners.  Let’s meet the Chatter Zoo Babies…

  • Franny the Baby Cheetah
  • Bailey the Baby Elephant
  • Pip the Baby Wallaby
  • Lulu The Baby Panda

They are ready and waiting for your child to take care of them and help them through their days of just being babies.

App Title:  Chatter Zoo

Publisher:  Mindshapes Limited

Release:  August 2013

Platform:  iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

Cost:  $1.99

Review:  Since the cute Chatter Zoo animals are babies, they need children who will take care of their basic needs.  My 4-year-old just loves caring for the Chatter Zoo Babies.  Ava helped to feed the babies their favorite foods.  She  helped them to take a bath after a long day of play, and helped to put them to bed.  She was able to open the app and begin playing immediately.  The simple language and easy on-screen visual directions, helped her to remain engaged and have fun throughout the entire learning experience.


Playing Chatter Zoo


There was no frustration on her part, which was very comforting to me.  There were not any long and detailed directions.  It is truly turn-on and go!  There is nothing worse when you child becomes agitated and frustrated because he/she doesn’t know what to do next.  In our house, those types of difficult to use games and apps are thrown aside.


Chatter Zoo is Empowering

I am Ava’s guide as she makes her way through this world – learning and growing.  As Ava’s parent, I am responsible for her well-being.  I know that constantly being the learner can be frustrating at times.  In Chatter Zoo, the roles are changed and Ava is transformed from a learner to a care giver.  In the Chatter Zoo World, she is in charge for the Zoo Babies well-being.  She helps the Chatter Zoo babies transverse their world, just as I help her through this world.  In Chatter Zoo, she is the teacher – helping the babies master the basic skills necessary for life.

Being the Mommy of the Chatter Zoo Babies, does come with some responsibility.  But its responsibility that a 3-5 year old can handle.  Some elements of responsibility include: giving a bottle to Lulu, or cleaning Franny with soap at bath time.  The babies are easy to take care of – and your child will get satisfaction from a job well done.  The babies interact directly with your child, so your child feels, as Ava felt, that she was part of their world.  When the babies need something, your child will know it, and will want to satisfy the need.


Chatter Zoo App


Mindshapes has designed this app responsibly, which is peace of mind to parents.  There is absolutely no need to worry about questionable content, inappropriate pop up sites, or anything negative that playing an app or internet game can – and sometimes do bring.  This app is so very cute.  It is a positive learning experience for the eager young mind.  In my opinion, this app represents everything Jim Henson represents – Mindshapes has brought us a great early learning experience for children.

Because only a few words are used at a time, and are again repeated in song, the app supports vocabulary building.  I love how the app puts our children in charge.  I love how it promotes learning through play.   The Chatter Zoo babies are completely loveable.   Ava wanted to play, again and again – she has not yet become bored with the babies.  I love she can enjoy the app while I am cooking, cleaning, or taking care of Gray.  I have no question that she will have the complete learning experience, during playtime, that she deserves.   Because of all of these points, I give this app 5 stars.


Rating:  5 Stars

Ages:  3-5 Years Old




Chatter Zoo Wall Art


I would like to offer you, my readers,  a chance to win Chatter Zoo Wall Art to decorate your child’s room or Nursery.  Actually it’s so easy, your child can decorate his or her own room.

The Chatter Zoo Babies love living on your child’s wall.  What’s more important, It’s not permanent, so the wall art can be taken down and moved at will!  There is no need to worry about wall damage.  The easy peel art, is easy for even the youngest and clumsiest hands to manipulate.


Placing wall art


It is the perfect decoration for a nursery or the bedroom of a young child!

Enter below for your chance to win Jim Henson’s Chatter zoo Wall Art, valued at $20.00.

Best of luck!


I received product in exchange for my review, but the opinions stated are 100% my own.
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