Children’s Literature Review: The City Kittens and the Old House Cat


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Title:  The City Kittens and the Old House Cat

Author:  Mrs D.

Publisher:  Dog Ear Publishing

Year of Publication: 2013

Format: Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover

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This fantastic Christmas time story reflects on the true meaning of Christmas – love, giving, and understanding – all of the qualities that Jesus Christ embodies.  The Old House Cat (Nyda) lived in the little house for many years.  She is used to all of the routines, knows how to get what he wants, and has grown to enjoy being loved as the only child – or pet in the house.  Nyda has learned very well from her predecessors.  She knew how to get food, especially her favorite – fluffy whipped cream – when the family visits for Christmas.  YUM!

Christmas has always been wonderful time for Nyda – especially the memories.  She has always enjoyed the sweet smells of Christmas, testing the yummy vittles, and playing with the kids in the house (who pulled on her tail and squeezed her).  Now, everyone has grown up and moved on – and the house is quiet.  She still enjoys the site of the Christmas tree with the hundreds of twinkling lights.   Nowadays it’s only Mrs. D’s. girls that come over on Christmas.  Certainly, not being chased around the house is more relaxing.  But more change is soon to come, because the day before Christmas, the eldest daughter brought two new kittens to live with Mrs. D. and Nyda.  Unlike Nyda, the kittens had a big fancy carry case. They also had pretty collars with Christmas bells on them – so they made noise when they walked and played.  Those little kittens annoyed Nyda.

“What is mine is mine,” she said. “spoiled city brats,” she hissed.

Nyda was sitting angrily in the kitchen while the family cooked – and she heard the real story how the kittens came to Mrs. D’s house.  She felt bad that she made assumptions about the kittens before really getting to know them.

This is a story of acceptance, change and togetherness.  The City Kittens and the Old House Cat is the perfect read aloud for young children.



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Mrs D #author Carlos the Mouse series, The trees have heart, The City Kittens and the Old House, & Good morning World #literacy #kidlit Mrs. D. (Olga D’Agostino), an award-winning children’s author, was born in western Ukraine. She lived in the historical city of Lviv, where she studied business in Lviv Business College and worked in the food industry. In 1992 she immigrated to the USA with her two small daughters and for years worked in her own business. In 2011, she began her career as a writer, focusing on writing children’s books that have meaning and provide valuable lessons. Two of her children’s books, The Trees Have Hearts and Good Morning, World, won Mom’s Choice Awards in 2013. She is a member of SCBWI and speaks a few languages fluently. She lives in the famous town of Smithville, NJ, with her husband Patrick and a meticulous old cat named Nyda.

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    Thank you very much for your honest review of my book. This story is dear to my heart and deep in my soul. Readers like you are great proof that the time I spent writing my stories was well worth it. Thank you!
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