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Monkey Fun Front Cover


Title:  Monkey Fun

Author:  Julia Dweck

Illustrator Aida Sofia Barba

Publisher Xist Publishing

Year of Publication: 2013

Platform: Kindle

Price:  $2.99 on

Review:  I love this cute and educational picture book on Monkeys.   As true for most of  Julia Dweck’s books, Monkey Fun is written completely in rhyme.  The kids and I recently went to the zoo, and learned all about monkeys – and why monkey are monkeys and chimps, apes and gorilla’s are not.  Monkey fun is an accurate view, and so fun, the kids don’t even realize they are learning.  Yep, we learned that monkeys in fact have tails, while chimps, apes, and orangutans do not – a fact we also learn in Monkey Fun.  In fact, while monkeys use their tails for balance and swinging, chimps and the rest use their arms and legs (arms always longer than the legs) to move around.

Also, I love the fun facts about monkey culture contained in this book – and it seems we can learn a few things from this very smart species.  Yes, monkeys are very family oriented creatures.  Monkeys, as do Apes, Chimps and orangutans – live in packs.  Moms take care of their babies and carry their babies for many years.  Families stick together – grooming each other – helping to keep each other clean.

We learn other interesting facts, such as:  Who was our first astronaut, what monkeys eat, what monkeys use to balance and more!

Not only do children learn, but they get to use their developing skills – like counting to make this a fun and engaging book.

Monkey Fun is one of the first Julia Dweck books that I have read that is geared  towards toddlers and young preschoolers!  It’s great practice for the olders to read to the youngers.  My son read it to my toddler and kindergartener for read out loud practice – and everyone enjoyed!
Kids enjoying Monkey Fun


You can purchase Monkey Fun on Kindle here.


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  1. Sounds great! We love learning about animals. I also always love, love, love when my daughter reads to my son!
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    • Isn’t it so sweet? It’s just so sweet to sit there and watch them. It’s like the torch is being passed. Love it!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Ann! I wish you a wonderful and safe New Year!
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  2. What a cute book. I have a little monkey boy and he would love it1
    PragmaticMom recently posted…23 Great Picture Books for 5th GradeMy Profile

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