Children’s Literature Review – The Snow Bear


Thanks so much to The Blue Desk, for the awesome book suggestion (it is part of her Virtual Book Club).  For suggestions on crafts and activities, see her post.   This post contains affiliate links .  If you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive a small commission which I will use to run this blog.  However, all the opinions stated herein are 100% my own.




The Snow Bear Review


Title:  The Snow Bear

Author:  Miriam Moss

Illustrator: Maggie Kneen

Year of Publication:  2001

Platform:  Amazon and iTunes (audiobook only)

Review:  This is not only a great story for the cold days of winter, this is a great jumping off point of having discussions with your children about what they should do if they are separated from you. 

Do you remember what your mother told you to do if you got separated from her?

This is a beautifully written story of a little bear who is lost in the forest.  He decides that he is going to build a mother bear to keep him company.  Friends that happen by (fox, owl, moose, mongoose, goose, rabbit, squirrel) all help to build the mother bear out of snow.  When dusk comes, it’s time for his little friends to say goodbye.  But with the help of his friends, Little Bear is able to stay right there with his snow mother who keeps him cozy during the night.  When morning comes, and his snow mother is beginning to melt, the real mother bear is not far behind to find her Little Bear and bring him home.

A cute little story of friends helping friends, fun things to do during the winter, and staying where you are when you are lost – the snow bear was a winner in our house.

This book was a new experience for the kids and I. Since our library does not own a copy, we bought the audiobook from iTunes.  Not having had experience with audiobooks,  It was a learning experience.   The circumstances definitely need to be different.  They weren’t able to just sit down and listen to it.  They were being busy bodies and playing with the play dough we made.  After the story was done, they couldn’t tell me what happened in the story.


The Snow Bear


Something about it being someone elses voice made it difficult.

However, it worked really well for us to  listen to it in the car.   Something about it being “on the go”, made it the audiobook format work.

If you want a great children’s book while you are on the go – this is definitely a great choice!

You can also purchase the book on Amazon from a 3rd party seller here.


Crafts and Fun Things to do.

The Blue Desk offers some great suggestions for crafts to accompany this book.  I would like to add these suggestions to the list.

  • A play or puppet show – I think it would be really fun to act out this story.  To make puppets, fake snow and act out the scenarios would be really fun for the kids – and a way to get them to fully understand the story.
  • Have a discussion about what the Little Bear Did correctly in the story.  Act it out as if Little Bear left the place he got lost.  What would happen?
  • Name situations where you have helped your friends, or done something great for the community.
  • Brainstorm winter service projects and enact them (shoveling a neighbors driveway, raking leaves, starting compost, etc.


What do you tell your kids to do if they get lost?

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