Children’s Picture Book Review – The Toothless Tooth Fairy


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Title:  The Toothless Tooth Fairy

Author:  Shanelle Hicks

Illustrator:  Anca Delia

Publisher:  Mirror Publishing

Publication Date:  April 2014


Review – The Toothless Tooth Fairy

It is time for the Miss Tooth Fairy Smile Contest.  Everybody knew that Bella was going to win.  With her long flowing brown hair, perfect smile, perfect teeth and unconditional kindness  – she was a sure win.  When envy yields its ugly head, Zelda has it in for Bella.  She causes an accident during the competition, and Bella loses one of her beautiful teeth.

How was Bella going to compete as the only toothless tooth fairy?  Since the most important part of the contest is the smile, she goes on a search to find the perfect tooth.  As typical with life, things don’t go so well for Bella.  However, by the end, Bella and Zelda learn a very important lesson.  It’s not what’s outside, but what’s inside that counts.  If you treat everyone with unconditional love and kindness – glorious things can happen.

This is a very cute story with a very important message.  This story is perfect for young girls – accepting themselves as beautiful.

Customer Reviews

Author Shanelle Hicks and illustrator Anca Delia Budeanu have created a Readers’ Favorite Five Star children’s book directed at little girls ages 3 through 9 – THE TOOTHLESS TOOTH FAIRY – and while it is an entertaining and very well presented story, it also carries many messages important for little girls to appreciate: kindness of heart is more important than simply being beautiful.


In a world of brilliant, wonderful diversity, Shanelle Hicks has written a lovely tale that embraces, celebrates, and entertains all the same time. In my mind’s eye, I can definitely see this story being read aloud to a young girl awaiting the loss of her first tooth, and the light, fairy illustrations will delight the eye of older self-readers. I even laughed in a bemused way as our heroine goes about with “her plan”.

Charmingly written with a modern sense of language, Hicks has produced a fun children’s tale that will certainly be one of those that always has a place in a young girl’s book tote-bag.


THE TOOTHLESS TOOTH FAIRY is an entertaining story that has some very positive messages. Although the morals of the story are applicable for all children, young girls will probably adore the story most.



The Toothless Tooth Fairy can be purchase on amazon here.


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