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Bath time was always fun in our house.  The kids always had a variety of bath toys and games to play with.  They even make up their own bath toys – by bringing Barbies and an a sundry of other non-electrical or battery operated toys and games to the bath.

Soggy toys aside, water dripping out of Barbie for two weeks following the bath is not fun.  At least our wood floors didn’t think it was fun.

However, these multicolored pellets made bath time safe for my floors, for Barbie and for kids!

color my bath pellets


They love taking baths because it’s fizzy colorful fun!



What’s better, they learn and experiment for themselves.  Want to know what yellow and blue make?  Let’s see.


color mixing

Not that everything has to be a lesson, but when kids are learning on their own – discovering for themselves – its real learning that will not only generate further interest, but will also last forever.


As a Mom, I always worry about putting things in the water because ultimately it ends up in their mouths.  The thought of drinking bath water is nasty – I know.  However, they will do it regardless, and it’s important that the stuff we put in the bath – whether it be soap, baking soda or whatever – is safe and gentle on the outside and on the inside.

Color my bath is safe and gentle.  I have a strong testimony of that.  In fact, it’s so safe, they can eat it.  I know because I did.  While it doesn’t taste very good (not good at all), in pellet form (pure concentrated) it does no harm to the body.  So, while your little one may get a taste of the bath water (Yuck) no need to call poison control.


You think I’m crazy?  I gotta be sure that stuff is safe for my little ones.

Lack of Drying Chemicals

My skin is constantly dry – and unfortunately, my apples don’t fall far from the tree.  I don’t put any soaps or chemicals into their bath water.  All they get for fun is baking soda (no bubbles=boring).  Color my Bath made bath time a little more exciting for them.  They loved the color – and ask for it regularly!

It really is cool, fizzy (cause it fizzes when you put it in the water), colorful fun!

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We love Color My Bath in our house – so much, we wanted to share it with another family.  Please enter below to win your own jar of Color My Bath!

Best of luck!



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  1. I am excited to win this because my daughter LOVES playing in the bathtub but for the last year she hasn’t been able to because the house we have been living in has no bathtub 🙁 BUT we are moving in the next few weeks and the new house has a bathtub so I would love to have this for her to play with in her new bathtub! 🙂
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  2. I used to have a similar product for my son years ago…he loved changing the color of the bath water. Color my bath looks like a lot more fun, more colors….my baby girl would really enjoy this, she just loves water 🙂

  3. mommasbacon says:

    We always like to try new things to make bathtime fun for our older daughter

  4. Andrea Amy

    My kids love to have coloured baths 🙂

  5. Hi there Lisa
    This looks great; I’m in the UK and have just searched amazon but they don’t seem to sell them here. What a shame! I’m now on the hunt for a similar product!

  6. First of all, Lisa, you rock the mom thing! I cracked up when I read that you actually ate it! It is funny that even though my lil miss is almost 11, she still loves to get in the tub and play with her Lalaloopsy dolls and few other toys, but anything that would add color and fizz, would have her outta this world excited! Thanks for the review!
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  7. Thanks for linking up my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution. I’m back from vacation in central Colorado and ready for a great party this week. See you there! Jennifer
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  8. My daughter has been wanting these forever she would be the happiest little girl if I won these

  9. Patti Barnes

    cos my little ones would love these!

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