CosmoCamp App Review

I worked with MomSelect in this campaign.  I received 4 CosmoCamp Apps in exchange for this review, but the opinions stated herein are 100% my own.





CosmoCamp Interactive Stories


Meet Migo, Pandy and all their friends, as they fly through space in their CosmoCamper and have new experiences. CosmoCamp Kids Apps are fun and interactive games and stories available from the app store and Google Play.  The coloring book is also available for The Kindle Fire on Amazon.

The apps are  broken up into 2 distinct modes for toddlers (2-3 year-old) and preschooler (4-5 year-old).  The games and stories are adjustable, fun and dynamic.

We tried…


CosmoCamp Matching game

This series of games included a hide and seek games and memory games.  For both modes, you are able to adjust the level on the top right (you will see this in the video).  There are two options of matching games – the classic memory game – which we are playing in the video – and the pyramid memory game.  Like a pyramid that is smaller on top and larger on bottom, the game starts on the top with fewer cards for your child to match.  Once he/she matches all those cards, the next level has more cards to match.  The 3 level has the most.

You can change the cards in the game. They can be objects, numbers, letters, or shapes- You choose!




CosmoCamp Interactive Story books


Interaction CosmoCamp Apps


We tried 3 different interactive story books.

  1. The Incredible Ride
  2. Picnic Problems
  3. The Sweet Adventure

I loved the interactive story books for a few reasons.  First, there are presented in different modes.

  1. The parent read the story to his/her child.
  2. The app reads the story.  The words are highlighted as the story is being read (which you will see in the video).  You can also pick on a word, and that word will be read back to you.
  3. The app reads the story, but your child can record his/her own voice in some places – making the story interactive and fun.   Ava had a lot of fun with this part – and as you will see in the video – took creative license to create her own words based on the pictures.

Second, as you will see in the video, you can make things happen by touching the screen.  You can make the characters move, make stars, make fireworks.  In one story, if you click the roller coaster, it will take the CosmoCamp kids on a roller coaster ride.

Third, everyone works together to make things happen.  The app promotes cooperatively and team work – as well as vocabulary building and literacy learning.

It’s awesome!  Not only do the kids get a great story, but they also are intrigued by directly interacting and being a part of the story.


CosmoCamp Kids are so much fun – your child won’t even realize that he/she is learning.  With these apps, we were able to make it rain, cook, fix a roller coaster ride and more!  I wonder what amazing adventures Pandy and Migo will take us on next?

You can find CosmoCamp Apps in the App Store and on Google Play. You can also visit them online here.



I received compensation for this review, but the opinions stated herein are 100% my own.

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