Creativity vs. Conflict: Online Activities for Kids on a Winter Day



It’s hard on kids when they’re stuck inside on a frigid winter day. It’s no picnic for adults either. Children who are cooped up together for hours at a time are likely to get frustrated and take it out on each other. When the fur starts flying, it’s up to mom or dad to referee and try to keep the combatants separated until cooler heads prevail. Bribing with snacks and threatening with time-outs or specific punishments are common tactics that usually only work for a while. It’s not long before they’re back at it, leaving you pulling your hair and wondering if you could get away with sending them outside after all. Just for a while.

At some point, you have to find positive distractions that engage your kids’ minds and pique their curiosity. You probably need to find something fast. That’s where your friend the Internet comes in. No matter what age your children are, you can always find something for them to do when the snow’s flying. If you know where to look, you can find games and activities that are educational and enjoyable.




Make your own fun

No matter how much time they spend with a gaming console, most kids love to get out some paper and scissors or see if they can follow a popular family recipe. It’s an outlet for their creativity, something that’ll keep them engaged no matter how long it takes and encourage cooperation among friends and siblings.

You can find do-it-yourself arts and crafts instructions for a wide range of projects on websites such as, and The Spruce. Start by having your kids whip up their own indoor snowstorm by making cutout snowflakes and hanging them throughout the house. Since no two are alike, have a contest to see who can make the most original snowflake.

If you can get your hands on some pine cones, try making a few do-it-yourself bird feeders using peanut butter. My Kids and The Outdoor show you how to go about it using little more than a butter knife and scissors. If it’s not too windy outside, hang them up near the house where the kids can watch when birds start showing an interest. If that doesn’t interest them, see if you have enough paper on hand so that the kids can collaborate on a mural that portrays everybody in the house, then have each child sign their artwork.


Safe and fun ‘conflict’

Okay, maybe your kids still won’t simmer down and make peace. If so, it might be time to draw up sides, consult Youtube on building cushion or pillow forts, get out the nerf grenades and rolled-up sock cannon balls, and let them have at it. Ground rules must stipulate that there’s to be no direct physical contact, and that an adult must be present at all times to intervene if needed (and to declare a winner, of course).

A musical interlude

There are lots of online resources for kids who want to have learn about music. Music learning games is a site that includes everything from memory games and a make-your-own music activity for kids who want to learn to play guitar. Another interactive site teaches children about the piano. For older kids, or those who’ve begun to learn an instrument, check out Danman’s Music Library and Music School, a free site with thousands of video lessons for violin, guitar, piano and flute and more.

If the next step is to purchase an instrument, ask an advisor at your local music store about how to select the right one for your kid. If your child is interested in learning the trumpet or saxophone, select a known brand name to make sure it’s a quality instrument. And make sure it comes with a warranty. This trumpet buying guide may be useful.

Sometimes, a day indoors can actually benefit kids. The Internet provides plenty of fun things to do. You might even come across something that really appeals to your children. A half hour on a music website might even set them on the road to a rewarding hobby or career.



What are your kids’ favorite activities?

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