DEXA – The Gold Standard for Body Composition Analysis

I know…I know…you are rolling your eyes.  You are thinking, it’s impossible to get accurate results when it comes to body composition analysis.

Right.  I get it.  There isn’t a way that’s 100% accurate.  But think about it, do you get 100% accuracy with anything in life?  I’m not even 100% sure that my name is Lisa.

Anyway, I lift.  I track my food closely.  I have a definite goal of losing body fat.  Thing is, my weight isn’t going down or up, it’s staying the same.  How can I measure whether I am losing fat or not?  This is my big question.  If the scale isn’t going down, or it’s bouncing up and down, how can I tell if my caloric intake is correct?  Especially when my clothes aren’t fitting any different.




Measuring body fat and muscle gain/loss

I understand it’s not accurate.  Let’s just get that out there.  It’s not accurate.  But if you see trends, that’s where this is extremely helpful.  For instance, I have periods of reverse dieting (where I incrementally eat more) to boost my metabolism and give my body a rest from constant dieting and fat loss (where I cut calories with the purpose of losing fat).

So, what is happening while I reverse diet and lose fat?  What’s happening to my fat loss/gain and muscle loss/gain.  Am I gaining muscle and fat while I reverse diet, and by how much?  Am I actually losing fat during my fat loss stage – even though the scale isn’t going down?  How much fat?  How much muscle am I gaining/losing?

The DEXA can tell you all this.  And if you have goals, you want to make sure that you are working towards them, right?  You don’t want to be wasting your time and spinning your wheels.

DEXA , traditionally used to measure bone density and diagnose osteoporosis, is the most accurate method of measuring body composition (body fat and muscle mass).

It’s also very easy and stress free.  Basically, you lay down on a bed.  It’s completely open.  An arm hovers above you and takes measurements the length of your body.  My scan took less than 5-minutes, but depending upon how much muscle mass or fat you have, it could be shorter or longer.  The longest is 10-minutes.  So, no matter what, you are in and out in 10-minutes.

At the end, you get instant gratification.  The measurements are taken, and your results are given to you immediately!  No waiting days for doctors, or any additional appointments!

Based on your goals, and your DEXA results, you can then adjust your eating/training plan, or keep on doing what you are doing!


DEXA scans are affordable

If you have goals, you definitely want more than one scan.  The power in this type of tool is to see trends over time.  In all places, you can do one scan, or opt to get 3 scans at lower price.  Perfect!  Go every 4 months- it costs about $100 for a years worth of scans.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, working at home mom, or working out of the house mom, it easily fits into any budget.

And for how hard you work at the gym, and tracking, $100 a year is a drop in the bucket!


Where to get a DEXA scan?

Find locations for your DEXA scan HERE.
Do you receive body composition scans? I would love to hear your experience.

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