DIY Holiday Ornaments and a Science Lesson for your Homeschool

Borax Holiday Ornaments


The kids and I made DIY holiday ornaments and learned a bit about science!

We learned about solutes, solvents, supersaturation and crystal formation – while having fun and making unique and beautiful Christmas tree ornaments.

Here is what we did.

1.  Boiled water and placed it in a mason jar (or other wide mouth jar).

2.  Shaped a pipe cleaner and tied a string on top.  To the other side of the string, we tied a pencil.

3.  Added 3 Tbsp borax per cup of hot water and mixed thoroughly.

4.  Added the pipe cleaner to the jar with water/borax.

5.  Watch the crystals form!


Make sure to experiment with different color pipe cleaners and water and see what happens!


Here is the instruction sheet that I created for this project  Borax Ornaments.


This project is Squishable Baby approved!  It’s really fun and easy for kids of any age.  It’s also not messy, not hard and easy to clean up.  I do not have lab hands, and I was able to get it to work repeatedly – in other words – it’s foolproof.  Haha!

If you try it, please let me know how you like it.



What fun science experiments are you doing with your children?



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  1. Love this idea- hooray for science!!! 🙂
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  2. So cool!! What a great experiment and such beautiful ornaments!!
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