Driving less – Good for the Environment and Good for the Soul


What can I say?  I live in the Washington DC area.  Simply put, driving is a nightmare.  I’m totally for anything that would cause me to drive less.  So when Cyndi at Reduced Footprints published the Change The World Wednesday (#CTWW) challenge, I was like – I’m on it!  I can drive less to not at all.

Woot, Woot!

So, why would driving less be eco-friendly?

  • You use less gas – consuming less is eco-friendly
  • You save the paper in your pocket – and as we know, saving is good.
  • Decreased emissions into the air – we can all breathe a bit easier.  What a relief.

In the world we live in, it’s absolutely impossible to cut out the car.  I understand that.   We need to go places. Even so, what can we do to make things better.  As we all know, if we all take little steps, it will go along way!

  • Keep your tires properly inflated.
  • Don’t speed – Gas usage increases over 60 MPH.  Yeah, and loose the road rage – for many reasons, some having nothing to do with saving the environment.
  • Keep your vehicle maintenance up to date.  Keep air filters clean and respond to the check engine light right away.
  • Multi-task – Keep the short trips to a bare minimum.  Do all of your errands during one trip.
  • Use cruise control.
  • Maintain a constant speed.
  • Be AC smart  – which I’m not.  I can’t stand the hot weather, and I don’t like the humidity.  I need my AC on at all times.  I cannot stand hot humid air being blown into my car.  I can do a lot of things, but being AC smart is not one of them.  HRUMPF.
  • Buy a fuel efficient car – which isn’t an option for a lot of families.  Price and space limitations are just a few factors. I’m not sure about the facts on the costs of hybrid cars vs. their non-hybrid counterparts – in terms of outright price and gas savings.  Do the research to determine if the tax rebate or lower gas cost is really going to help you financially over the life of the car.
  • Avoid excess idling.  Larger cars with larger engines tend to waste more gas idling than smaller cars with smaller engines.  Just think, you are getting 0 miles to the gallon while idling.

Why is driving less good for the soul?

  • You don’t have to be out in the mess of traffic with the road rage peeps.
  • You can be relaxing at home instead of stressing in the car.
  • You could be spending time with your family – getting to know them better instead of running around from place to place in your car.

It really is a win-win situation.    Less time behind the wheel helps the environment – which helps everybody.  Less time behind the wheel helps you and the relationships with your family.


So, here is a good place for the cars…


How much do you drive?  Do you think you can commit to driving a bit less this week?

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  1. Love this! Our home is for sale and when we move, we will be within walking/biking distance of most shopping/errand centers. We’ve discussed going down to one car when we move. We’ll see if we can make that a reality. 🙂

    Where we are now, it is impossible but I do like when I spend a few days without getting in my car.
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: What is your family reading?My Profile

    • Hey!

      How nice! I would love to be able to go down to one car. However, that will NEVER happen. You have to have two very cooperating individuals to make that work, and that’s just not in the cards for us.

      Plus, we live in the outskirts. You need a car for everything.

      I love not having a to drive. I love not having outside commitments. The commitments seem to just make the time waste away!
      Lisa recently posted…BlogTwitLuv Hop – Week 2My Profile

  2. What you say rings so true: there is so much stress out there on the road, we’re all better off without it, really.
    About hybrids: they’re not the only option for fuel efficient (despite the persistent marketing!). Going to a smaller car, or even the same model but with a smaller engine, saves on the purchase as well as the running costs. And recently the price of family electric vehicles came way down and they can be cheaper in the long run. (Excluding Tesla. Tesla is a boys’ toy, like Porsche: you don’t buy it for the money savings).
    CelloMom recently posted…EV Price Slashed: Now Is It Competitive? – a Cost Comparison TutorialMy Profile

    • Hey Mama!

      Thanks so much for educating us on hybrids. There is so much misinformation and missing information out there. It’s nice to know the facts – from soneone who “knows” the facts!

      What a great suggestion of buying a smaller car or buying a similar model with a smaller engine. I didn’t even realize you could mix and match engines. Can you?
      Lisa recently posted…BlogTwitLuv Hop – Week 2My Profile

      • Yes you can! on most models you have a choice of several. If you see a number on the back of a car, like “2.4XL”, or “3.0V6”, that usually tells you the engine volume (in liters). Apparently it’s something to brag about: how much more you paid for the car (and how much more you pay for the gas). In any car model, Americans tend to get sold the very largest engines. The global lineup for some models have engines that do _twice_ the mpg – and will still reach 110mph.
        CelloMom recently posted…Arctic Sea Ice VisualisationsMy Profile

      • Ahhhhhh, wow! I didn’t know any of this.

        I wonder what America’s fascination with power? I mean, you drive from red light to red light – at least I do. It’s funny that you bring up the subject of bragging. People here brag about their car all the time. Also, about how much money they make. I find that a strange phenomenon. What does it matter?

        Thanks so much for the info! You are quite amazing!
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  3. I hate driving. We actually didn’t own a car at all the three years we were in the UK! Where we live now, that isn’t really an option, but I still avoid driving. I’m looking forward to summer, when the kids will be out of school and I don’t have to do preschool drop-off and pick-up every day.
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  4. I don’t drive a lot. Working from home cuts down on driving a lot. My husband teases me because I complain about driving to the next town over.
    Great suggestions! I have a small car but I am guilty of over using the AC!

    • Yeah, I use my AC. No doubt about that. I need my cold on, you know? I can’t think of anything worse than being hot and humid. I hate it, and my hair comes out looking like I’m Thelma from GoodTimes. It’s a total fro!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
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  5. I’m 100% on board with driving less. It’s so nice to be able to walk to where you’re going.

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