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Educents has a great Gift Guide perfect for the educators and learners in your life.  They include games, apps, personalized books and more!  If you continue to struggle on what to get, consult the Educents website and get some great learning ideas!

Last Minute Educational Gifts

Here are a variety of thoughtful educational gifts that you can download and print right away (or send to Kinkos), or wrap-up in a really cool folder.


1. For the DIYer

A digital subscription to this art magazine would be great for any kiddo who can spend hours on art projects and science experiments! BONUS: Includes a personalized gift-certificate!

2. For the Builder

Some gifts come in boxes, but this gift teaches little ones how to BUILD boxes! The Online Architecture Courses are a gift that keeps giving. For 9 to 18 weeks, students will use household items and a lot of concentration to build structures. There are two courses available: one for beginners, and one for ages 11 and up!

3. For the Techie

With new technology, anyone can be a photographer! But not all photos turn out to be works of art. Fuel your child’s newfound love for photography with these fun and easy lessons!

4. For the Gamer

Kids everywhere love Minecraft, which makes it the perfect vehicle for teaching a wide variety of topics. You’ll be surprised at how motivated and excited your children will be about learning math and writing while completing these units. Just download, print and present to your gift recipient in a folder covered in cool stickers!

5. For the Artist

Share the beauty and wonder of classic art with your gift recipient this year. Here’s a printable gift you can give to one art critic, or to an entire family of museum-going art lovers!

Didn’t find the last-minute gift you’re looking for? Here’s a whole bunch of affordable items you can download and print in minutes here.

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