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Try searching ‘a trip to Kolkata’, and you’ll get an incredibly long list of tourist-attracting sites in Kolkata. These lists are a good thing for a person who wants to visit the city as a tourist. But if a person wants to feel the soul of Kolkata (s)he must ignore the list and starts strolling the streets of Kolkata like a local. All you need to do is to land at the Kolkata domestic airport to begin your exploration journey.

Let’s see how to leave behind the list of the itinerary for tourists and explore Kolkata like a local.

  • Invade Park Street’s old sweet shops for chocolate Sandesh. Now, please don’t take me literally! Visit sweet shops lined on the Park Street for tasting the perfect blend of culture with modernization – the Chocolate Sandesh.
  • Visit Hatibagan Market for lip-smacking Phuchka and Chaat. Hatibagan is always a name suggested to budget shoppers visiting Kolkata, but the locals love to visit the place to munch over Phuchka and Chaat even if they don’t need to buy anything.
  • The New Market on Lindsay Street and the Camac Street’s Vardaan Market are also famous among the Phuchka lovers of Kolkata. So, don’t forget to visit these places too.
  • Want some music to make you tap your feet? Park Hotel and Trincas at the park street are the first choices for the locals. Park hotel attracts rock music lovers whereas Trincas serves as a heaven for the lover of the live band.
  • Romance of Kolkata’s love-birds can be seen blossoming along the Princep Ghat. A boat ride beside the Howrah Bridge is the favorite time together for the romantic couples of Kolkata.
  • Floatel Hotel is the loveliest go-to place for the locals of Kolkata to enjoy the quality time with family and friends. Here people can dine while floating on the tranquil Hooghly River.
  • Bhojohori Manna and kewpies are much visited eating destination for the locals who are strongly attached to their traditional cuisines. These places are famous for their perfect Bengali Thali.
  • Sunset Cruises on Hooghly River are one of the favourite ways of spending idle evenings relaxing in the lap of nature. The Kolkata locals love to sail past the crumbling monuments and lively temples while watching the sun going down.
  • Tiretti Bazaar is the morning shrine for the locals with love for Chinese foods.
  • The favourite street foods of the people of Kolkata includes Kathi roll, masala fish fry, Tibetan momos, phuchka and not to forget their very own rassogulla and Sandesh.
  • A visit to Kumortuli is must for touching the soul of Kolkata. This is the hub for clay workers who craft hundred of beautiful idols of goddesses. These artisans use their century’s old technique of carving idols and keep working for the whole year long in anticipation of Durga Pooja.
  • The people of Kolkata have not left their tradition much behind, so verities of handicrafts are still available in the streets of Kolkata. Byloom, a handloom boutique housed in the heritage building, is considered the hub for best quality hand-woven sarees and garments of the Bengali style.
  • The Indian Coffee House on Cottage Street is gaining popularity among local youths so yes you can visit the place for a hot sip.
  • New Empire Cinema near New Market is the hot destination for the lovers of Movies.
  • Bengalis are not only known for their love for food, but they are also recognised as avid readers. So where do these readers flock together? It’s the Oxford Bookstore on the Park Street! It is a must visit place for book lovers visiting Kolkata.
  • Just like Kumortuli Sandesh Mould Shops at Chitpur are a must visit place for touching the soul of Kolkata. Here you’ll find lines of shops of the artisans who make wooden and stone moulds for designing Sandesh, without which Kolkata is incomplete. These artisans do not use any machine for creating the moulds; they carve deep grooves of the mould in different beautiful designs with their hands.

The list is only indicative, to explore Kolkata like a local you need to get down on the streets of Kolkata and start making some local friends. Learn their language and live their way of life for some days.      

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