Fabulous Black Friday Deals to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of health and happiness!  My hope is that you were able to enjoy the special time with friends and family, making great memories and sharing healthy food!

Now it’s the day after.  You are feeling good and energized and ready to take on the world!  Luckily it’s Black Friday and the world is full of great discounts for you!

I am all about living a healthy lifestyle, because my healthy lifestyle has brought me a lot of happiness.  My world is more colorful now than it ever has been, and I want to share this happiness with you in a sustainable way. 

In this email, I am sharing wonderful discounts to end your year with a bang!  I have discounts on clean shakes, energy boosters, bone broth and more! 

If you ever wanted to try something, now is the time to try.

I hope you enjoy these discounts and will take advantage of them.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email.  I am always willing to address questions or make clarifications.

To health and happiness,



kettle and fire bone broth


I have talked extensively about the advantages of bone broth!

I love my bone broth.  I make it all the time.  Bone broth fits perfectly with my keto, intermittent fasting lifestyle!  Ahhh, let me tell the truth, it fits with any lifestyle.  It has essential vitamins and minerals and collagen that repair hair, skin, gut health, and help with inflammation. 

I braise my veggies in it, cook rice/quinoa/couscous in it, and drink it like it’s coffer/tea!  I do all these things in the same day!

When I can’t make my own, I use Kettle and Fire.  It’s best to homemade and the best bone broth on the market.  It’s made with real vegetables and grass-fed/pasture raised bones. 

They are giving you the best.

Wanna try some?  It’s the perfect time to pick-up a box or two. They are offering you 30% off chicken, beef, or mushroom.

Save 30% HERE

Use coupon code STOCKUP at checkout!









I talk a lot about my love for Trim Nutrition.

I love and use their shakes and the energy boosters every single day. 

The Trim Fuel Shakes work with any lifestyle.  They truly are your multivitamin, your probiotic and your clean protein source in one frosty delicious shake.  They taste great, are good for you, and are affordable.

Along with the Trim Fuel, I use Super Burn.  They provide me tons of non-jittery (non-stimulant) all-day, noticeable energy!  I take 4 in the morning and it fuels my workouts, homeschooling, busy mom lifestyle.

Trim means no more worrying about canceling subscriptions or paying over $100 for useless shakes.

Try and you will see why Trim is different. 





exogenous ketones


Perfect Keto is a scientifically backed company which makes a low-carb lifestyle easier to live! 

Perfect Keto is uncomplicated.

They offer exogenous ketones which will add energy, get you into ketosis easily, and help repair your gut.

and today only, it’s 40% off!

It’s an effortless low carb lifestyle – the lifestyle that I live and love!

Take advantage of this offer HERE.

To take advantage of this offer, use KETOBASE40 at checkout!  


Which product would you like to try?

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