Fast, Easy, Accurate: Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer


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I’m going to be honest.  I was skeptical.  I have lasted 4 kids, many of sick days, with my little CVS thermometer that I bought way back when my first was born.

I would take their temperature under their arm.  It would take 5-minutes, but I knew I could rely on the results. 

How could something that measures temperature within seconds be reliable? 

It took me a while to use it.

When my 9-year old daughter got sick, I couldn’t find my old standby.  Believe me, I tried, and so did my hubby.  I had no choice. 

It was too easy to use.  In fact, when I got the 103 degree reading, I didn’t believe it.  I was looking at the instructions, wondering how to calibrate it.  Nope, just use it right out of the box!

I spent time looking for old reliable.  When I found it, I compared readings.  Yes indeed, 103!  But not in 5 minutes holding it under her arm – in two seconds sliding it across her forehead.

I relied on my Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer.  Added bonus, I could go into the room in the middle of the night, take her temperature, see the display in the pitch dark, and I didn’t wake her up!




Yep, the Soft-Glow technology allows me to see the reading, even in the pitch dark!

You know, it’s so hard when the kids are sick.  This makes it a bit easier for both of us!


The TemporalScanner™ comes with four ways to make it even easier to take a temperature:

  • A softly illuminated display for easy reading in any light – perfect for checking the temperature of a sleeping infant or child in a darkened room
  • Beeping sound indicating scanning can be turned off or on to avoid waking a sleeping child
  • Automatically retains the last eight temperature readings for instant recall to check on fever progression
  • Ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius modes

Plus it’s easy to use.  Place the thermometer on the forehead, push the button, slide it down to the temple, release the button – and the reading is instantaneous!

It works on people of all ages, babies, kids…husbands!

For more information or test the features, visit the Exergen website HERE.

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