Take Care of Yourself for You With a Fat-Loss Training and Nutrition Regimen Perfect for the Busy Mama

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I do this for me and only me and only me.

I like to feel good. I like to feel energized. I like feeling healthy. I like feeling light. And honestly, I like looking good. Yeah, I’m never going to be a swimsuit model or body builder or on the front of vogue. But I don’t want to. I am very proud of what I have created. In my mind, I am perfect – even in a swimsuit. I am proud. I don’t make any excuses and I love my body and all its flaws.

I push myself so I continue to get healthier. My goal weight was 1-positive step but this is a life long process. If you think about it that way, you will not drift and you will not stop.

But you have to start and you have to be consistent even when you are 300 lbs. Especially when you are 300 lbs. There isn’t any way around it. You have to work on your mind, you have to work on your body, and you have to work on your spirit. If you continue to make-up excuses, how can you even start on your road to success?

Don’t doom yourselves.

I have created a training and nutrition regimen that fits into the life of the busy mom, and doesn’t rely on expensive and ineffective “crutches”.  No more preparing 6-meals a day and minuscule meals that make you so much more hungry –  it drives you crazy.  No more spending a fortune on shakes, pills, lotions, and potions that don’t work.  No more working with people who have no idea what it’s like to lose a lot of weight.  No more.  I have provided the framework for an easy lifestyle change where you just start by skipping breakfast and training less than 30 minutes a day.  That’s it!

I will support and motivate you to succeed as you attain your milestones.

Are you ready to make a change?  I have lost 150 lbs, got in the best shape of my life, and will be wearing a bikini this summer!  I’m living the life I dreamed of when I was 300 lbs.!


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  1. Love this! Your are such an inspiration!
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  2. I love the name your blog! I am also a hs mom of 5. Three of them are now in college. I homeschooled them to that point. I have 2 remaining at home. What an accomplishment–losing 150 lbs!! That is an incredible achievement, and you look great! I like the encouragement you offer women in this post. Too many times we “doom ourselves” when there’s no need to. I blog at sheilaqualls.com on parenting, marriage and issues involving women in general. I address issues that bring women down through personal stories. You’re doing a great job as a mama and as an example to women.
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