My First Homebirth – Hadyn’s Birth Story 6/2004

Hadyn's Birth Story


Birth Story Prelude – How we got to a homebirth

Any good story has a lead up – and this is no different.  At the time I got pregnant I was at the end of graduate school.  I never really thought much about being pregnant.  I don’t even remember it being said out loud that we were “trying”.  We just started having fun – and it happened really quickly.  I didn’t know much about how to be pregnant.  The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want to see a doctor.  So I asked people and found a hospital that had midwives.  I didn’t really know the specifics of using the hospital, all I knew was that I was pregnant.  I had a good experience.  My midwife was super nice.  Suddenly, I was moving down to the DC area which stressed me out greatly.  I had found a midwife that I liked, and now I was facing this big move that I would have to do alone – while pregnant.   I  grew unhappy very quickly.  For a growing family, I thought New England was the best place to be.  As a result of the stress and uncertainty, my blood pressure began to rise.

So the move happened – and now I was in a new area.  I had the idea that I would need to find a birth center.  I found an excellent free-standing birth center (Baltimore Birth Center) where I felt the midwives worked with the body.  I felt extremely comfortable.  I loved the midwives – and all was good with the world and with my blood pressure.  About a month before my due date, the birth center closed.  This was a turbulent time for free-standing birth centers.  The large free-standing birth center in New York had just closed.  Insurance was skyrocketing, and doctors were running for the hills.  So there I was again, thrust out into the darkness.  One of the midwives at the center was transitioning into a homebirth practice.  I was like, well, I am comfortable with her so….why not?  Generally, I thought homebirth was pretty hippy, but that’s okay too.  Plus, I had visited other birth centers in the area – and was really uncomfortable with all the silly regulations.  Why just not give birth in a hospital?  It seemed as if it was one in the same.  It was my opinion that while it was an out of hospital birth, they just sugar coat it – put some nice beds with pretty sheets and  installed a jacuzzi tub.  But really, when I dug deep, it was just the same.

So, why not?  A homebirth and a birth center birth are really very equal.  Give birth in your house, give birth in my house.  The only exception being, that by giving birth at home,  you don’t have to travel while in labor (big bonus as I will find out later.  It hurts (a lot) when you move during labor).


The Homebirth

I had my midwife and I hired a Doula.  I was healthy, I had taken the Bradley Birth Class and I was ready to go.    I went into labor deep into the evening on June 13th.  I was so excited.  Finally!  The baby would be here in a few hours!  I called the doula and the midwife.  I said, “I’m in Labor!”.  The midwife was at the hospital for the night, so she gave me the backup midwives number and said if I have bloody show (a sign of labor), that I should call her.  So I labored on the birth ball.  I really did try to go to sleep – I did.  I was too excited.

Finally, the bloody show!  It was 2:30 AM on the 14th.  I called the back-up midwife who arrived.  I continued to labor.  The midwife and the doula came around 10 AM.  I was only dilated to 2 or so.  We worked on the birth ball, we walked around the parking lot of our apartment building.  We did  this and we did that.  By about 3 PM, I was 5 cm dilated.  I remember my hubby saying – just an hour more or so.

Then I stalled.  We rocked, we walked up stairs, we did this and we did that.  I even sat backwards on the toilet.  During each and every contract, I thought I was going to hurl.  I moved from walking, to birth ball stuff, to laying in bed.  My mom, the Doula and my hubby took turns.  While lying on the bed, sometime around 8 PM, I got sick.  After the bed was covered in vomit, I remember the midwife coming in and saying – by the way – you might get sick.

Really?  Thanks for telling me this.  Duh.

The throw up got me from 5-7 almost all at once.

Then I hit transition.


Transition was quite interesting.  Having been at this about 24 hours, I was tired.  I would sleep in between contractions (literally) and then wake up.  I would do this for hours.  Sleep hard, then wake up, and then repeat.  I ventured to the tub and labored in hot water for a while.  I threw up again, which got me to 10.  Something about the throwing up.


I tried pushing in every single position possible.  I never felt an urge to push – which was probably the problem.  I tried squatting, on all fours, and the more traditional on my back.  It took me 2 hours just to figure out it’s not like a sit up (like you see on TV) but more like taking a bowel movement.  Duh!

So once I got that down, it was 2 more hours until he emerged.  My midwife had to threaten me to get him out.  To Shady Grove Hospital we are going to have to go if you don’t get him out.   That was all I needed to hear.  Like a sling shot, he shot out – all 8.5 lbs and 22 inches of him (all right, an over exaggeration, but you know what I mean).  He arrived on June 15th just after midnight.

The Snuggles

After the birth, I took a shower.  We stripped the bed to reveal a clean sheet underneath.   I snuggled and loved the baby.  I breast-fed him.  He was alert and awake for about 4 hours.  We then turned off the lights and went to bed together.


The End

The birth experience was amazing.  I cannot imagine it happening any other way.  At 29 hours, it was a little long and drawn out – but it happened the way it was supposed to.  I did learn a few things that helped me to cut down the time on my subsequent births.

1.  Red Raspberry Leaf at 18 weeks through labor – Essential.  It tones the uterus to make contractions not only more effective but efficient.  It also helps the uterus contract back to its normal state after the birth.  I started the Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL) late in this pregnancy – almost 3o weeks.   I do not like tea, so I opted  for the pills.

2.  Evening Primrose Oil – There is a lot of misinformation about this on the internet.  It’s sad.  I started at 34 weeks, taking it to help the cervix soften.  It doesn’t induce labor, it helps to soften the cervix and ripen in preparation for labor.  You increase the dose, and then begin taking it internally (challenging for women with a high, tilted uterus like mine).   RRL DOES NOT induce labor.

3.  The importance of staying fit during pregnancy.  If I hadn’t exercise throughout the pregnancy, I don’t think I would have been able to withstand the rigors or the time.  If the pregnancy is healthy – and should be if you follow the nutritional requirements, then you should continue exercising.  Pregnancy isn’t a sickness or a condition.  It’s a beautiful time that happens in a woman’s life.


Happy 10th Birthday Haydee

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  1. Wow, this is an amazing birth story. I love reading about how women choose their birthing plans and how it worked out for them. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Jennifer recently posted…Making A New Mommy Friend; The Lady DateMy Profile

  2. BeautifuL!!! I love a birth story and I find home births both amazing and interesting. Amazing because it’s so natural to birth in your own space and interesting because I’m interested in knowing the why behind the choosing it! Thanks for sharing – you gave me the warm fuzzy’s and for one minute I was like is it time for a new baby (uh no).
    Madaline recently posted…La Maddalena ArchipelagoMy Profile

  3. Wow! We have some strong similarities for our first. My birth center closed one month before I was to deliver! My labor was 22 hours, not quite as long as yours, but I pushed for 4 also. I also did not have the urge or the understanding of how to push either! Mine was a hospital birth. I had a hot tub to labor in which was nice but I ended up with a vacuum extraction (which hurt like heck) to get out all 9-3 lbs of my little miss. The happy ending is what make it all worth it 🙂
    Ann recently posted…Printable Comic TemplatesMy Profile

    • Wow Ann, it’s very similar! 4 hours is really too long, isn’t it? Crazy.

      Yeah, what’s up with closing birth centers? Giving women less options – not good for anybody. 9 lbs 3 oz is a big first baby! Sheesh!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…The Homeschool Link-up – Week 38My Profile

  4. What a story, and I’ve heard that so many individuals are beginning to use home birth. I’m so glad to hear someone’s story.
    heidi recently posted…Whose Shoes Would I Wear?My Profile

  5. Happy Birthday Hayden…such a beautiful birth story…what a loved baby… You rock momma!
    karen recently posted…Just Finished ReadingMy Profile

  6. What a beautiful birth story! I was too much of a chicken to do home births with any of mine.
    TaMara recently posted…Signs You Might Be an Over-Involved ParentMy Profile

  7. Wow, it must be so hard to believe it was already 10 years! I just had my first in November, and while I didn’t have a home birth, it definitely brings me back to giving birth.
    Bev recently posted…6 ways to save money on things for your childrenMy Profile

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