Fitness Tips: Building your Butt without Growing Massive Quads

Now that I have gotten to my goal weight, I initiated a reverse diet to gain muscle and strength. I want more muscle definition everywhere, particularly in my butt, and have more definition in my abs.

Never heard of a reverse diet?  Read all about it here.  Basically, I incrementally add carbs and calories while resistance and weight training.  The purpose of this is to increase my metabolism and build muscle.

But I want to put the muscle on in particularly places.  Of course, you cannot control where fat/muscle is added to your body, but by focusing on my hamstring/glute muscles 3 times a week, I am hoping that I will be able to build my butt a bit.

But you just can’t do any lower body exercise.  You have to isolate the hamstring and glute muscles from the quads and calves.  I don’t want massive quads.  That’s not the look I’m going for, and it’s very easy for me to put muscle on my quads.

How do I do this?

Variety is the spice of life!  I don’t want to do the same old thing; the same old laying hamstring curl, same old glute raise.  Besides being totally bored and not wanting to go, my muscles would get just as bored as I would.  That’s the way to go straight into a training plateau.

Don’t want that.

So how do I isolate the hamstring/glute muscles? 

It’s all in the feet placement.




Foot Placement

Where you place your feet, and at what angle you place your feet is the key.


On the left I am doing barbell squats.  I do them a lot for my hamstrings and butt.  But yesterday I wanted to work the quads.  How did I do this, doing the same barbell squat?  I point my feet forward so that they are parallel.  Then I place them closer together.

Actually, I did 5-sets of these.  The first set my feet were right next to each other.  Then I progressively placed them further apart each set.

I also make sure to keep the weight in my toes. 


Hamstring/Butt Isolation

The weight in your heels/push through your heels

Feet wide apart

Feet at a 45 degree angle


Quad isolation

The weight in your toes/push through your toes

Feet parallel to each other/pointed forward.

Feet closer together


Same thing goes for the sitting leg press that I am doing on the right.  A quad focus, my feet are parallel and closer and a hamstring/butt focus, feet are wider and pointed at a 45 degree angle.


Of course you cannot get 100% isolation.  The quads/hamstrings always help each other out, but this is the way to put more of the weight, therefore work, in one muscle group. 


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