FREE Workout: Intense Abdominal Circuit for the Gym


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I have started to supplement my at home program with gym workouts.  The gym definitely has it’s place.  It provides me access to the larger equipment and heavier weights that I don’t have access to at home.  Also classes such as spin offers me variety to my weekly cardio days!

I am all about changing it up!

I believe in short effective workouts no matter whether I train at home or the gym.  I don’t mess around.  I go by myself, I bring my Gymboss Mini-Max Interval Timer to make sure my rest periods are short.  I then work quickly and meticulously to get through the circuit and get on with my day.

What is a Superset?

This particular circuit includes supersets.  What is a super set?  This means that you preform the exercises back-to back without rest. 

I repeat each super set 15-reps each (except where indicated) 3-times.  So I do exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 1, and exercise 2. 

Following, I use my timer for a 30 second to 1 minute break.

Then I do super set 2 just as I did the first.


What do I need?

To prepare for this workout you need the following…

1 heavy weight (20-30 lbs.)

1 medium heavy weight or kettle bell (15-20 lbs.)

1 light weight (8-10 lbs.)

Yoga mat

Swiss ball/birth ball

Resistance band or low pulley on a tower or heavy resistance band

Pull up bar with a parallel arm attachment

Gymboss Mini-Max Interval Timer


Branched Chain Amino Acids

and A Lot of heart and determination


Abdominal Circuit Training

The best way to train is to make your workout work for you all day.  This means that you include strength/weight training and make sure to keep the rest periods short.  It’s important if you want to continue to burn fat all day. Don’t be afraid of heavy weights. You need to constantly increase weight if you want to continue moving forward.

You don’t want to walk around, talk, rest and allow your heart rate to go down too far between reps or sets.v  Keep working.  It helps to gather all of your materials and chisel out a place next to one of the bigger machines.


Superset 1

Leg Lift

Keep your back on the backrest, and lift your legs 15 times.

Weighted Standing Oblique Crunch

Use your heaviest weight. Stand with feet hip width apart and bend to the side. Do 15-reps per side.


Superset 2

Weighted Suitcase Crunch

You need a lighter weight for this one. I used 10 lbs. This one works the 6-pack


Make sure not to swing your legs. Make sure you are pulling the legs back and your butt off the floor with your abdominals. You should feel this right down the 6-pack


Superset 3

Swiss Ball Crunches

Make sure your butt is low on the ball. When you come out of the crunch, make sure you extend those abdominal muscles to increase the range of work.

Oblique Crunch

Do 15-on the right and 15-on the left. Don’t cheat. Make sure to keep the elbow and knee back. You want to feel this right down your side.


Superset 4

Weighted Figure 8

A heavy kettle bell is easier, but if your gym doesn’t have kettle bells (which mine doesn’t), a dumbell will suffice. Make sure it’s heavy and you feel contraction in your abs when you pass that weight through your legs. Don’t be afraid of weight. Also make sure you keep your back flat. I have to work on that myself.

Pallof Press

This one you can use a resistance band (like shown here), or a tower with a low pulley. Someone was using the pulley and I wanted to get on with it. Either works. Just make sure the resistance band is challenging. Stand to the side with the band tight. Then push out in front of you and hold 6-8 seconds. You should feel your abdominal muscles working to stabilize you.
Do you enjoy working out in the gym?

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  3. Wow. Looks like a great ab/core workout! I need to get my butt in gear. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. This routine really works for me, I do this too.

  6. How adorable and naive of me to think that this workout would be easy. I want to eat healthier and gain some muscle!

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  8. That’s really intense! Great workout right there! i’ll try these exercises at home.

  9. After a week of doing this workout routine I can already say it works! I was so surprised
    I was doing it 2-3 times per day + 10-20 min of jogging on treadmill, some yoga and stretching and eating healthy.
    I’m slim, but I lost big amount of belly fat in short period of time(in my opinion). I cant really pinch my belly that easily anymore :)

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