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Welcome to the Getting to Know You Weekend Blog Hop. This week we Getting to Know Lisa from The Squishable Baby!

Hey! I’m Lisa (AKA The Squishable Baby). Many people ask me why I used squishablebaby as my handle (on everything under the sun). That’s because I have 3 very cute and sweet squishable babies of my own – Hadyn who is 8, Ava who is 4 and Grayson who is 7 months. Needless to say, I’m a very busy woman. when I’m not on twitter, blog hopping, sewing or fighting with wordpress – I am homeschooling the kids, driving to and fro, teaching Ava Violin, making Hadyn practice his baritone, breastfeeding the baby, carrying the baby in the sling, changing /washing cloth diapers or just going crazy in general.

I do that crazy thing a lot.

I am married to an Analytic Chemist (read – very exciting) who cannot do anything without a list. I love him though. We have been married for almost 11 years – and are still very happy and going strong.

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I sew for my business – which is new to me – and really the impetus to start I hand dye and sew wool and bamboo clothes for babies and small children which has been an adventure (to say the least). Actually, this whole blogging scene has been an adventure – as I have made some wonderful and beautiful friends along the way.

What’s better than that?

I blog about families. I care about strengthening families. I want more families to be whole – and working. Once we get our families working – I think our happiness will improve greatly. I see many of the problems of our society as a symptom of the unhappiness that exists within all of us. It must change. It’s got to change. So, I try to do my little part – the best way I know how. I do that through talking about my life, my mistakes and successes, and anything family friendly. Nothing is off limits. I must say that I’m pretty lucky. With everything going on in my life, the sewing and the blogging have been a huge blessing.

I would love to connect one way or another. I love people and want to learn and grow with you.

Of course you can find me on my blog at ” I update daily (even Saturday and Sunday).

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Did I tell you that I use squishablebaby on everything?

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Definitely connect. I have all the icons on my website. I am a very very loyal blog hopper, and love to pin and re-pin, tweet and retweet, like, +1 and repost, and sign up for subscriptions. More importantly, I love to give promote and credit my friends!

These are a few of my favorite things!!!!!!!!!! (in a Mary Poppins singing voice)

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Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm Lisa - a homeschool mom of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl). I care about the strength of the family in America, and often blog about babies/kids, natural parenting, homeschool, and marriage. Before you leave, please sign up for my monthly newsletter (on the top right). If you do, you will be well rewarded with notification of all giveaways and sales - which will not be announced on the blog. Google+ Profile


  1. I enjoyed learning a few new things about you!

  2. Ohhh I have to go check out all your cloth diapers…I’m an addict! I’m trying not to buy any because I’m hoping to potty train soon but I love to window shop.

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