Happiness is Making Squishable Baby Wool!

I must say, I love dyeing and sewing the stuff.  It makes me happy.

I was just finishing my Newsletter appreciation giveaway prize today – thinking – man, if I could just bath myself in this bamboo – I would.  Haha!  It’s so squishy soft.

In all seriousness, I really love to make a good product that other people like.  It really does make me happy.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my happiness with you.

This is some of the wool/bamboo that I have made and given away over the summer.


Teddy Bear Brown Arlo shorites cloth wipes Giveaway Winnings Shortie - wipe giveaway ultimate Stash Giveaway - Prize 29 for 29 giveaway Random wool and bamboo Star spangled bamboo shorties

From the top

  1. Brown Merino Wool Shorties with 15 Bamboo velour and Bamboo Fleece Wipes – Newsletter Appreciation Giveaway
  2. Merino Wool Longie and Shortie pair for Zephyr Hill Blog Giveaway.  The light blue Merino Wool Longies from Unschooling Mama Giveaway
  3. Arlo Shorties and 10 Bamboo Wipes Giveaway.
  4. The Ultimate Stash Giveaway.  1 bamboo longie shortie pair, 10 bamboo wipes and a Star Spangled bamboo shortie as a gift.  On the bottom is a wool longie shortie pair, 2 wool soakers, and 4 wool diaper liners.
  5. The next is the 29 gifts for Kelly Gentry (of HoppyBottoms.com) 29th Birthday.  2 wool diaper liners, 2 bamboo wipes, and a pair of Arlo wool shorties.
  6. Various wool and bamboo I gave away.
  7. Star Spangled Banner Bamboo Shorites.


Now, I am happily concocting a grand giveaway for my 1 year blog-o-versary in February 2014!  Do you have any ideas on what I should giveaway?  Should it be wool?  Or should it be something else?  A sheepskin good for those ECers out there?  A wrap or sling?  What do you think?




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  1. you made all those???? you are pretty talented Lisa…wow…I wish I could be that talented. I’d turn it into a brown ball.
    karen recently posted…SILLY DINOMy Profile

    • Hey Karen,

      I am sure it wouldn’t turn into a brown ball. It’s just where your interests lie, you know? If you have no interest, why even bother doing it? It’s a waste of time and energy. Put time elsewhere, like organizing. I’m totally defunct at organizing and wish i could be more organized.

      I don’t have time to be organized. Hahaa!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments!
      Lisa recently posted…Happiness is Making Squishable Baby Wool!My Profile

  2. How neat! Beautiful! I am not a craftsy person at all:) so I am beyond impressed!
    I think you should do a nice “baby gift combo” for the giveaway!!!

    Maria Stefanova recently posted…How to Prepare My Child For Preschool or KindergardenMy Profile

  3. Wait..I knew you hand dyed. But did you say you make the fabric? I want to touch it. It looks so buttery soft! Does it have a lot of stretch?!

    I’d say do a bundle of fabric for the giveaway…you know me! I’m a textile lover!
    Amy mayen recently posted…Skipper Top from Sew Much AdoMy Profile

    • Nah. No fabric making for me – although that would be awesome. I couldn’t even imagine what I would need to knit my own wool. That would be major coolness though.

      The fabric does have stretch – but it’s not the annoying knit type of stretch. I can work with it easily. The stretch really helps with longevity – you know.

      Plus, the wool is all felted up – which helps in the sewing stretchy fabrics department. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by, AMY!
      Lisa recently posted…Happiness is Making Squishable Baby Wool!My Profile

  4. So CUTE! Wow, such talent!

    Perhaps you could do a nursing cover for world breast feed week (for next year). Or how about a matching “something” for mommy and baby / mommy and daughter?

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