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When I come in the house – I’m usually exhausted.   Between listening to a screaming baby in the car, listening to the arguing between the kids, and the constant complaining – all I want to do is walk into the house and fall into bed (especially true if I get the bonus of baby staying asleep).  Most times,  I don’t even take my shoes off.  You will often see me laying across the bed with my feet hanging over – trying to get just a bit of rest before the baby wakes up.

Not good.

I never really considered what I’m tracking through my house on my way to the bedroom – until I got the Change the World Wednesday (CTWW) challenge last week.   I can just imagine.  If we are at the park walking through the grass – I could be tracking all kinds of pesticides right through my house.  I have seen many a time when my kids have dropped something – picked it up and eaten it.


I’m not going to even talk about the mud – or worse – the dog mess.

I remember when I was a graduate student, I dropped just a bit of p32 on the floor.  Stepped in it and walked down the hall and into the bathroom.  You could follow the radioactive path.  We cleaned it up, but just think.  How many people spill p32 (or any other chemical – like gasoline while filling up) and don’t know it – or worse – don’t think about it?

We all walk in each others paths.

Do you know what’s on the bottom of your shoes?

I don’t.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to take this challenge.  It seemed easy enough.  Just take off your shoes at the door.

Well, It’s not easy retraining everyone.  So while we tried, we are still working on it!  Me included.  It’s so easy to walk into the house, not really thinking, you know?

So, we come into the house and leave our shoes at the door.  I’m sort of funny about my feet.  I don’t like them, so I just keep some house shoes by the door.  I just trade one for the other.

Shoes at the Door

The biggest improvement – besides knowing that I’m not tracking “who knows what” (Fido’s feces included) across my floors – is that my floors are much cleaner!  I have been sweeping less.

Ahhhhhh, if that’s doesn’t make me happy – I don’t know what will.

And, oh, by the way – the world is safe.  The lab and I were not good friends (obviously).  No danger of Lisa spilling anymore radioactivity!  Laboratory science was definitely not for me (haha).


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  1. I am a HUUUUUGE believer in taking your shoes off when you walk in the door. It is downright SCARY to think about what’s on the soles of our shoes. *shudders*
    Lisa recently posted…Happiness is ______ {Week Nineteen} #happinessisMy Profile

  2. Happiness is not having to cook dinner!
    DeDe recently posted…Tantalizing Tuesday – Peanut Butter Chocolate DessertMy Profile

  3. I know what you mean about feet! We take our shoes off and leave them at the door too. We encourage others to leave their shoes at the door too but we don;t force it on our guests. Happy to learn about the radioactivity 🙂
    Katherines Corner recently posted…Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 88My Profile

  4. I just love your willingness to try new, “green” things. And in doing so, you teach me a lot! I’ve always taken my shoes off, not because it’s Eco-friendly but because, after wearing shoes all day at work, I just couldn’t stand to wear them one more minute than necessary. And, for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved being barefoot in the house (or with socks & slippers during cold months). I’ve never considered that doing so means I don’t have to clean as much … and I’ve really not thought about all the things we are probably tracking in … like gasoline … that’s a good one. So thanks, Lisa … you’ve helped to take a step back from just doing things on autopilot and really considering my actions. 🙂
    Small Footprints recently posted…What’s tough about green living?My Profile

  5. We’re a leave shoes at the door family, too!
    maryanne recently posted…Gifts Kids can Make: Spin ArtMy Profile

  6. We always take our shoes off at the door. It makes me super happy that the yuck doesn’t get tracked through my house, but super unhappy to look at that giant pile of shoes every day! I posted a picture of it on Facebook- it looked like shoe sale day at Macy’s!! 🙂
    Kim recently posted…Evolution Of A BedroomMy Profile

  7. Yet another great post, Lisa. It is funny, I always take my shoes off and so does my daughter but hubby does not. I don’t force it – no biggie, but I never really thought about what is being tracked in, I just don’t like to wear shoes. Organizing them by the door is always fun. Have a wonderful week ahead!
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…Happy Friday. Have you entered our giveaway yet? Perfect for Teachers!My Profile

  8. Its not only the women who take off their shoes when they get home. Guys like to do it too, although they may not like to admit it. We are a shoes off house and we exchange shoes for slippers at the door. Its a great habit to get into.

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