Happiness is_______Being a Mother

As I sit here worried sick about a sick child – I ponder what being a mother really is.

I’m hoping it’s more than being a throw up catcher.


I am so very worried about this kid.  I hope it’s more than being an obsessive worrier.

I think it’s so much more than that.  I think it’s about a collection of happenings within a lifetime – that make being a mother – so darn special.

It’s about the flowers they pick for you – from somebody else’s. yard.  And the fact that you cannot manage to get rid of them – even when they are mangled, withered and dead.

It’s about who they see as the center of their universe.  Who they go to when they are sick, need comfort, are ecstatically happy, or just want to share something that they are proud of – like a new Roblox character – at 6:30 in the morning – when I am sleeping.

It’s about the smiles that we share between us.  The little jokes…the laughs…the sorrow…the joys!

When I think how happy I am being a mother – my heart is warmed, my eyes well up – and I am filled with the perfect love – of  and by – my children.

When I think of all these things, it doesn’t really matter that I am broke – and am a professional boo-boo kisser, kids transporter, poop picker upper, throw up catcher, tears wipe awayer, comforter, hugger, body so the sling can hang the baby closer, boob – feeder, home teacher, maker go to church -er.

Because the most important thing…

More than getting any gift of material worth…

or any earthly possession that I have, had or can have…

is not worth more

than the joy that I am filled with everyday.

With the gifts that make being a Mother the best thing that any woman can be.

Mothers Day Collage

My pure – unrelenting happiness and my contribution to this blog hop is not a recipe – or a craft, or an idea for material possessions.

But rather a reminder of the gifts that we already possess – right here around us.

Just take a look around – and you will see.

The ones that give us the HUGE gifts everyday.

I have 3 beautiful ones.

Tell me a bit about the gifts in your life.



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  1. Amen! Beautiful post, my friend.
    Praying for a quick recovery for your sick child!
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…A to Z Blogging Challenge & GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Hey and thank you for sharing your lovely babies with us. I have 3 grown sons whom I love and miss dearly. Hold on to these times because I swear I was worrying about sick baby yesterday, or it seems, and now they are grown and one has a baby of his own. Time flies. Hold on, love them, enjoy the time, make lots of memories and have a blessed Mothers Day
    Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade recently posted…Sharing is Caring – Mother’s Day (Blog Hop)My Profile

  3. Such a beautiful truth! The gifts right under our noses can sometimes be missed. I also have three children and love them dearly every minute. xo
    Nicole recently posted…6 Healthy Habits that will benefit any Mother on Mother’s DayMy Profile

  4. Very very sweet, Lisa!
    Lisa recently posted…Happiness is ______ {Week Sixteen} #happinessisMy Profile

  5. That was beautiful! Being mama really is something special. Also, you have an adorable little family. Your older son has a brilliant smile.
    Kristie recently posted…Happiness is…(week 16)My Profile

  6. I am a grateful Mamma to 2 boys, I wanted/want more, but I don’t think its in the cards. I truly knew growing up that I wanted kids and that being a Mother would be a great accomplishment. Little did I think of all the things it would teach me. I have a 10 yr old and a 5 yr old. My husband and I moved away from our home areas, so we have not been doing this with much help. So I definitely grew up fast and learned the ups and downs of being a Mom. Nothing makes me more happy then to see my child growing up, learning things in life the need and seeing them smile through it. Even more when another person tells me how proud they are of my children or compliments them on their deeds or politeness. I am thankful God gave me a heart to be a strong Mother and yet a tender heart.
    Thanks for this wonderful post. Happy Early Mother’s Day to you.
    Corey recently posted…Perfect Dessert for Mother’s Day Brunch-Mother’s Day HopMy Profile

    • Hey Corey,

      That was so beautiful. I love it when someone compliments the children. It warms my heart and soul!

      Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful comment! I know how it is being alone. It’s really tough being away from family! You are an inspiration!
      Lisa recently posted…Happiness is_______Being a MotherMy Profile

  7. This week, in celebration of Earth Day & Happiness=), I was blessed to have two incredible author visits. It just so happens that my children’s book, Come Back Dear Sun, is about celebrating the sun and embracing her radiance by playing outside! Rather than spending time indoors on our busy video games, computers and televisions, we should be out and about, basking in the fun of simply being outside! Imagine more, create epic tales of discovery, activities and adventure, play games, and most importantly, spend time with friends outdoors little ones! I’ve found happiness in my work as an author, especially since I’m able to help inspire and encourage children to use their imaginations! Thanks for the wonderful blog posts Lisa! They are divine, like their creator=)
    Geena Bean recently posted…Author Visit (April 25th 2013)My Profile

  8. My heart swell when reading this. I too am privileged with 3 little ones.

    Thank you for joining us in the Mothers day blog hop!
    Nicolette Roux recently posted…Weekly Pinterest Finds – Week 17My Profile

  9. What a beautiful post! And I can totally relate, especially at this point when my daughter is experiencing a serious illness and we’ve got not much answers.
    Petro Neagu recently posted…Painful motherhood lessonMy Profile

  10. Lovely post! My children bring me gifts everyday with their smiles and their laughter. It’s such a joy to be a mom! Thank you for sharing! -Monika

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