Healthy Tuna Pomodoro Recipe


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Tuna pomordo with low mercury tuna


To make this dish healthy and fresh, use the following ingredients…


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Shirataki Noodles

I was really excited about making this meal.  I was feeling like I wanted pasta, but didn’t want the carbs that came with it.  I also eat very high protein and wanted a good source of fish, that’s easy.  Well, the tuna pasta combination was perfect, but instead of using pasta, I used Shirataki noodles.  They are made out of plant protein, for 8 ounces, it’s 6 carbs compared to pasta which is 50 g!  SCORE!

They are really good if you follow the preparation instructions in the recipe!



The quality of the tuna can make or break this dish.  This is meant to be quick.  It’s perfect for the busy mom who wants to get/stay at a healthy weight, fit and healthy!  It’s filling and full of tons of good lean protein and that’s why I choose Safe Catch Tuna.  I’m going to be totally honest.  I have worked extremely hard to lose 140 lbs.  I will not sacrifice my body or my health for low-quality food.  Good thing I don’t need to.  Finally here is high quality canned tuna – that’s it.  No water, no oil, just pure tuna in pure tuna oils.  Each fish is caught sustainably and ethically and is hand cut and canned.

Who else can say that?

Safe Catch is the only brand to individually test each fish for mercury.  They promise that every can has safe mercury levels.

And it tastes AMAZING.  It’s not watered down and soggy.  It’s pure fish that makes this dish great!




Using canned tomatoes might seem easier, but it takes away from the freshness of the dish.  Use pure veggies.  You can make it as veggied or non-veggied as you wish!  Feel free to throw in more vegetables, jalapenos to make it spicy.  It’s yours to create!  The noodles don’t have flavor, and will soak up any flavor you throw at them!



Need more protein?

Put two cans of tuna in for a total of 80 g of protein!

Pair it with a healthy frosty Milkshake dessert!


A healthy frosty milkshake #dessert #fitness #weightloss


1 Scoop of Syntha-6 Isolates Chocolate milkshake

2 Tbsp. PB2

1 cup almond milk

3 oz (1 small banana)

2 Tbsp. Flaxseed meal

Handful spinach

1/2 cup ice

Blend until creamy smooth and delicious!

Do you strive to eat healthy?

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  1. I was JUST trying to figure out something to do with tuna that wasnt mayo based!

  2. I’ve been doing spaghetti squash to help me with those pasta cravings. But I would love to try the Shirataki Noodles! Thanks for the tip =) #MMBH

  3. We’re not big tuna fans in our house, but that shake looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 #MMBH

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