Are you a Hiker, Traveler or Fitness Buff? If so, Clakit is for you!


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Are you a hiker, traveler or fitness buff?  If so, have you heard of Clakit?  It’s the advanced strap system for water bottles, smart phones and more – that is worn on the front of your body! 

A backpack is cumbersome and hard to access.  With Clakit, everything is right there when you need it.  Getting a phone call?  Need water quick.  It’s within arms reach.


Clakit carry your essentials on the front of your body #health #fitness

No matter if you ride a bike, run, hike, travel, attend a march, the clakit strap harness is light weight and easily adjustable from all sides for the perfect comfortable fit.

clackit is easily adjusted for the perfect fit

The system is easy to use.  StrapPacks™ install in seconds.  Strong clips are attached to the StrapPacks™.  Strong Clips have a no-slip fit and will hold water bottles up to 750 ml and will secure your valuables up to 25 pounds and 120 mph.

It’s so easy to switch StrapPacks™.  You simply wrap the clip around any strap (the straps of the harness), purse straps, golf bags, messenger bags, any bag with a strap – squeeze to lock in place.

Just one click and your valuables are secure


I attach my StrapPacks™ to my gym bag.  I click my cell phone and water bottle SmartPacks™ right to my gym bag.  The strong mesh holds my water bottle, and the super strong Velcro ensures that my new iphone stays safely in place (even when I attach it upside down)!

Clakit on my gym bag

Now I have an easy way to access everything I need to get the most effective workout possible!

The SmartPacks™ are easy to detach and reconfigure.  Whether they are to my harness for a run or if I don’t want to wear a backpack, or on my gym bag, or to my diaper bag, I know all of my important items are secure.

Clakit secures items to front of body for easy access

Are you interested in learning more about Clakit?  Click on the website below




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